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Important City Issues



I support making the safety of our neighborhoods and residents, our roadways, and our businesses a top priority. 

According to the city’s recently released 2017 financial report, police incident calls increased 47% from 2013 to 2017 while our police force hasn’t grown that much. We can expect those incident numbers will continue growing because more cars will be driving through our city each day thanks to the Wekiva Parkway.


I support expanded fire readiness. 

Our fire department currently has a response time that is higher than the national average, 8 minutes versus 4 minutes. A quicker response time is something we should all support. From 2013 to 2017, the calls to our fire department increased 120%.  Our fire department has not expanded from the main station, and a smaller far west station, in nearly a decade.


I support an enhanced ALS (advanced life support) program. 

The fire department personnel are also our first responders in a medical emergency. During my recent talks with our City Manager, I was happy to learn she plans to have all fire personnel, in the future, trained as ALS responders. Our future council needs to make sure that is a priority. I will.


I support making sure we are one Mount Dora, true to our history and charm. 

Our highways should not become one strip mall after another. We need new thinking to find innovative ways to work with land planners, architects and developers to maintain the city we love. Maybe that will require revising zoning, altering planning standards, changing processes, and revising building codes. And, we need to be sure when new neighborhoods become part of our city, their residents are welcomed. We are one Mount Dora.


I support multi-decade bonding for capital improvements, for big projects like a new public works building, new fire stations, water & sewer infrastructure for the Innovation District. Our city needs to bond to pay for the future. Bonding will take some strain off the need for even bigger increases in utility rates which have traditionally been used to fund future infrastructure. Bonding also helps move the cost of those projects to future businesses and homes, and not just today’s residents.


I strongly support making sure our historic downtown areas stay vibrant – and charming. 

That’s part of why we all stay here. I don’t support a massive parking garage in the heart of the downtown, but I do think parking – even for residents – is a real issue that needs a solution. We’ve spent decades, and many dollars on parking studies. It’s time for action. I support a parking garage on the fringe of downtown (see my blog on parking here). With the right architect and land planner, there is no reason a garage has to look like a garage – it can be historic, even artsy.