• Crissy Stile

Budget Time Has Begun

And we start with a meeting to discuss the City's CIP on April 30th from 9am until 2pm. This meeting is open to the public to attend but does not allow for public comment.

City Councilmembers received a message Tuesday morning that our CIP Books were ready for pickup at City Hall. What the message forgot to say was that the CIP Book weighs over nine pounds. Holy cow!

I know you're thinking what the heck is a CIP Book? Good question. That's what I'm here for. 😉 The City's Capital Improvement Program (I prefer Projects-because that's what it really is) is a 5 year plan detailing the projects that the City would like to spend money on. It covers everything from new Glocks for the Police Department to remodeling City Hall to building three new Fire Stations. Keep in mind this plan is just that, a PLAN. Not everything that's in the CIP will be completed, as scheduled, over the next five years. Priorities change, things come up, it's an ever changing and evolving project plan.

It's going to be very difficult for me to give you a COMPLETE recap of what is discussed in this 5 hour meeting in detail. I will give the best possible overview that I can and if you have specific questions please call or email me anytime and if I don't know the answer I'll get it for you.




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