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Budget Work Session Recap

Today's work session was just part one of more to come. We were there for over five hours and you would think there's a ton of information to share but it can really be summed up quite easily.

I didn't take a picture at the work session so here is a picture of the coolest trees ever, which I saw in Maui.

A lot of information was shared with City Council today but I can save you about 4 hours and 57 minutes and two trips to the bathroom. 😆 Electric base rates are projected to increase by 2.36% for 2019-2020. Not your usage rate, but the base rate. Before you get upset, it is also projected the the actual power usage cost will decrease so you will "potentially" not feel the full 2.36% increase.

We had a lengthy presentation from PRMG (consultant conducting rate study) regarding water, wastewater and reclaimed water rates. In order to avoid years where we have no increase and then need to play catch up in subsequent years PRMG is recommending we maintain a regular, slight increase each year so we never find ourselves in a deficit situation as we have in the past. The rate increases are not yet final but increases will hover right around 3.5% for water, wastewater and reclaimed water.

PRMG is also recommending that the City adopt a Reclaimed Water Impact Fee as of October 1, 2019. If adopted by City Council we must give 90 days notice to the public and all developers/builders and this Impact Fee will be in effect on day 91. This includes all future development projects including projects that have already been approved but have yet to be built. The new Timberwalk subdivision (Round Lake Road) would be subject to these new Reclaimed Water Impact Fees if adopted by City Council.

Believe it or not the Electric and Water/Wastewater took up almost the entire day. We finished up with Stormwater and Protective Inspections. Stormwater has a few drainage issue projects planned for next year. Our Building Inspections Department is planning ahead for growth, including the Wolf Branch Innovation District, by filling a new temporary position next year.

Part two comes on July 2nd, stay tuned. Thank you.



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