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Can Our City Win The Lottery?

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Crissy Stile for Mount Dora City Council at Large

If you dive into the 830 page City of Mount Dora Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Five Year Plan that was released over a week ago, you’ll undoubtedly walk away feeling stunned.

To summarize, you’ll find that the total of this year’s five year plan more than triples what we’ve planned to spend in years past. I’ll save you some time and list them for you.

5 year totals for CIP for the last 5 years(you may want to sit down before you get to 2018-2023):

2013-2018 $38,674,500

2014-2019 $30,151,150

2015-2020 $49,373,800

2016-2021 N/A

2017-2022 $44,779,154

2018-2023 $176,493,736

This year’s plan adds the following expenditures that were not part of last year’s 5 year plan:

$3.6 million to purchase land for a parking garage

$1.1 million for new fire stations (begin construction on one/new vehicles for another)

$1.6 million in additions to the wastewater plan

$11.3 million utility extensions/relocations (for Wolf Branch/Innovation District)

$6.5 million utility relocations for widening of US 441 between Lincoln and Donnelly

$11.8 million new public works facility

$8.3 million City Hall Renovation and Parking Garage

Oh wait, I forgot…we could win the lottery.

There is an all day budget workshop on Thursday, July 19th at 9am, if anyone would care to join me.

Please feel free to share this with your friends, family, neighbors. Ask them to subscribe to my email list so they too, can be in the know.

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