• Crissy Stile

COVID-19 Update - Mount Dora

Just want to send a quick update on the City's response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Per our City Manager: The City of Mount Dora will be following the County's lead. All events, through the end of March, that take place on City streets or in City buildings will be postponed.

Mount Dora's 110th Birthday celebration, the Spring Show, St. Patrick's Day events, etc. will be postponed until a later date. This Tuesday's City Council meeting WILL be held, at this point. Audience members are NOT encouraged to attend. The meeting will be streamed on Facebook Live and the City is working on some method to allow for public input (questions, comments, etc.).

This weekend should be very telling, we will know much more as the hours and days pass and I will pass along and and all information the City Manager provides me. Please share this information with your neighbors, civic groups, friends, etc. At this point we do not have a confirmed case in Lake County but it seems inevitable.

Our agenda for Tuesday's meeting was just posted. I will be putting my summary together and getting it out to you by tomorrow. Meanwhile if you have any questions at all regarding this Coronavirus visit the CDC's website for the ONLY accurate information that is available.

If you need any assistance or help with anything that I'm able to help you with, please call or email me anytime.

Crissy Stile



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