• Crissy Stile

Feb 5th Work Session - 1:00pm

We have eight items to discuss at Tuesday's work session so we're starting a bit early. Remember, as you read through these items feel free to reach out with questions/concerns, I'm happy to pass along any knowledge I may have and if I do not have the answer I will find out and get back to you. Stilec@cityofmountdora.com

1. Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program: Public Safety Director O'Grady will present, and Council will discuss, options for reducing neighborhood speeding. This includes speed bumps as well as other traffic calming devices. This was, and still is, a hot topic while I was campaigning so I encourage you to attend this work session if this is something that concerns you.

2. Fire Department Presentation - SAFER Update: City Manager wants to provide an update on the 12 new firefighters that were hired with the $1.2 million SAFER grant that was awarded to the City last year.

3. Fire Assessment Fee Hardship Relief update: Council will look at and discuss relief programs used in other cities to potentially adopt a similar program. This adopted program would provide relief, to those who qualify, for the $219 fire assessment fee you found on your TRIM notice last Fall.

4. Local Grant Programs: Council will discuss giving money to various organizations that have applied for a City Sponsorship. Organizations include: Merchants Association, Chamber of Commerce, Donnelly House, Vehicle Donation, Lake Cares Food Pantry, African American History Festival. There were no funds budgeted for this year for this purpose.

5. Reservations and Fees for City Facilities by Private Groups: It has been discovered that although the City has a fee schedule for the use of various City facilities, over the years some groups have not been made to submit those fees. The purpose of this discussion is to consider if policy should be amended to meet current practices, if current practices should be corrected to meet policy or a combination of both.

6. Utilities update: We will get an update on the project to relocate utilities on Hwy 441 (an over $7 million project funded mostly through low interest loans) as well as an update on the Apopka Reclaimed Interconnect project ($2.7 million project which will also be funded mostly by a low interest loan).

7. PRMG Discussion: Council will receive an update regarding user fee charges and impact fees for stormwater to reclaimed water. PRMG is our contracted consultant to perform a rate study for user fees for stormwater, water, wastewater and reclaimed water services as well as impact fees.

8. JPA and Territorial Agreement: Last July Council approved a Joint Planning Agreement (JPA) with Lake County to provide water services to an unincorporated portion or the Wolf Branch Innovation District. Recently though, the County changed some of the wording of the agreement and brought it before the County Commissioners for approval without making our City aware of the changes. City Manager will explain where we are with this to close out our work session.

Stay tuned for the synopsis of what's to come at the Regular City Council Meeting for Feb 5th at 6pm.

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