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Fight the Corona Blues

Hello my fellow Mount Dorans. Just by the way of the calendar it has been some weeks since my last update and will be another week until our next Council meeting. I just wanted to take this opportunity to check in with everyone and encourage you to reach out for a conversation if you're feeling at all down. Having our normal life routines interrupted can wreak havoc on your psyche.

I'm a fairly upbeat person, mostly because I don't have much to complain about. I live in the most beautiful City with most of my family close by (even though right now we can't see each other) and up until 10 days ago I had a great job that allowed me to see most of you quite regularly. I know I'll get my job back once this virus dies off but in the meantime it's a struggle to keep the loss of my routine from getting me down.

With my new found free time I am more than happy to help you all if/when I can. If any of you need groceries or takeout food picked up for you I'm happy to help. I'm fortunate enough to be healthy and young enough to fight this virus off if necessary. If any of you are not comfortable, or in the over 65 category, going to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. please reach out to me. I'm happy to help.

I would encourage you to take a break from watching the news. If you're watching all day-STOP! It will do nothing but bring you down. It's the same negative news(because there isn't much positive right now) just said in different words and whether you realize it or not it's bringing you down. Turn off the tv, get off social media and sit outside for 30 minutes. If you notice, the world sounds differently than it did a month ago. Less sirens, less traffic, more birds, more kids playing outside and more of what the world is supposed to sound like. When you finish dinner the news will still be there and there won't be anything drastically different. You will just feel a little better having taken a break from it.

If we would all just listen to the experts for once and stay away from one another we could kill this virus. It's our natural instinct to want to do the things we're told not to do. A kid in the cookie jar is one thing but with this virus we're going to pay the price. Please just stay away from public places. Think twice before you get out of your car if you do decide to get away from the house. It's what's best for your family and best for you.

Some of us may have once wished for more time at home, more time away from work, more time to get things done around the house. Now is your chance. Make a list, check things off, feel accomplished. Stay away from the news. The numbers will continue to rise, you're not missing anything. Fight the urge to get sucked in to "knowing first". Enjoy your home, enjoy your family, enjoy the peace and quiet that is Mother Nature telling us we need to take a break. Our priorities are wrong and now we're being forced to make them right.

Now is the most important time for you to be there for your family and your friends and your neighbors. Stay 6 feet apart but be there. Chances are someone you know is suffering right now because of the changes this virus is forcing upon their lives. Be there for someone. Ask the extra question, take the extra minute for their long-winded answer. After all, what are you in a rush to do? Go back to the news?

I have a few family members that battle depression on a good day so I've become a pretty good ear over the years. If anyone needs to chat, in person or via phone or email, don't be afraid to reach out. I'm available just about all the time. These days I'm outside my house more than I'm in so for those of you that know where I live walk on by and stop and chat. I've got plenty of chairs. If you'd like to take a walk or a bike ride just let me know. Take it easy, stay healthy, wash your hands and remember to be extra patient with your children/grandchildren. If you think this is difficult for us to wrap our heads around, imagine what they think.

Be well everyone. #mountdorastrong

Crissy Stile



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