• Crissy Stile

If you want to get something done, ask the hardest working person to do it

Truer words were never spoken. Over the last two and a half months I have spent my free time knocking on doors, meeting residents and hearing your concerns. One of the first people I had the pleasure of meeting was a woman with macular degeneration who pointed out a unique concern. She told me that when you get to a certain point towards the back of

the Country Club of Mount Dora the double solid yellow lines are non-existent, making it

difficult for her to be sure she is in her proper driving lane. I took a ride down Country Club Boulevard the next morning and could immediately see her concern. I made an appointment to meet with our City Manager about this (and a few other items). Within a week the Mount Dora Police Department had in fact deemed this a safety issue, and the Public Works department will re-stripe that section of Country Club Boulevard by the end of September.

Some weeks later, while knocking on doors in the Country Club, I met a man with a different concern. He had been working with the city for 6 months to get a permit to take down a very tall palm tree that is dangerously close to his house. He knew he’d have to pay for the removal, but the city requires permission to remove a tree. With our City Manager on vacation, I contacted our Public Works Director to help me understand this process. I received a response letting me know that this gentleman’s request to remove the tree had in fact been denied when he initially applied for removal. However, after reassessing the application they re-evaluated and issued a tree removal permit.

While I haven’t been able to provide a resolution to each concern that I’ve heard as I walk Mount Dora meeting our residents, I work hard to at least get an explanation as to why or how the city makes decisions. Like the gentleman that asked me just yesterday, “Why we can’t have our fireworks display on our country’s actual Independence Day?” The City’s Special Events Coordinator has the answer: we work with cooperatively with the neighboring cities of Eustis and Tavares in scheduling the fireworks to allow all three city’s residents to enjoy each city’s fireworks display on a different night. Mount Dora also prefers the July 3rd date as a kickoff to celebrating Independence Day the next morning with our Annual July 4th Parade.

A city council person wears several hats: budget oversight, setting policy and passing legislation. Another very important hat is being a voice, advocating for citizens, helping them navigate through the government process - and providing information.

I chuckle each time I read, or hear, that one of my opponents feels that my job at my bookstore will hinder my ability to commit myself to being the best City Councilwoman that I can be. As one of Mount Dora’s long time residents said to me, “If you want to get something done, ask the hardest working person to do it. That’s Crissy.” Thank you Faith, for a good slogan to campaign on. I love what I’m doing, I love meeting more and more Mount Dorans. If I have not knocked on your door, you’ll see me soon - or call, text, email or stop in to see me anytime.

If you’d like a convenient vote by mail ballot for the November election, just call the Supervisor of Elections office at 352.343.9734

I ask for your vote.

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