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Recap of April 2nd Work Session & Regular Meeting

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

You may find this lengthy and for that I apologize but we had a very productive work session and meeting today.

We began with an update on the downtown parking implementation plan. Planning Director Vince Sandersfeld made clear that there are always ongoing changes and more changes made as recently as yesterday. Two additional stretches of roadway at the corner of 3rd and Baker have been changed to 4 hour parking. Additionally, the stretch of parking alongside what used to be The Drawer on W 4th Ave will be made into a 24/7 loading zone. It was brought up by several Councilmembers that the 15 minute parking spaces are not being utilized and should consider either allowing full time parking there after say 5pm or getting rid of those 15 minute spaces completely. It was noted by City Staff that some of those spaces were in fact utilized for loading purposes in the day and evening hours but other spaces could possibly be removed or set a loading zone time frame.

The City Staff is considering making Charles Ave a one way street which would allow 18-20 parallel parking spaces and a bike/Segway path along Charles Ave (see photo).

Council member Tucker recommended that the City clear the property between the Marina and Tremain St (see photo), which the City already owns, and create parking spaces there.

I recommended that the parking lot between Alexander and Dora Drawdy Ave on W 4th Ave become 4 hour parking mainly because by 10am the lot is full with employee vehicles that remain parked there for the entire day. City Staff intends to look at all of these options and report back to City Council with their findings.

The sandwich board discussion resulted in agreement that sandwich boards need to be allowed during festivals to benefit the merchants downtown. Our City Attorney recommended that we could allow our Special Sign Code Advisory Committee to create an allowance for sandwich boards to be placed in the streets during festivals and add it to our Code. As another option the City Council could create a policy immediately to allow for sandwich boards in the streets during festivals just to cover the City from a legal standpoint should someone fall due to a sandwich board in the middle of the road..

Our City Attorney gave a presentation regarding the Competitive Consultant’s Negotiation Act (CCNA) in order to clarify exactly why it was created and how it works. This process only applies to projects in the following areas: Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural or Surveying & Mapping Services. The purpose of CCNA is to allow governments to look at a particular firm based on their qualifications not just based on who has the lowest price when we put a job out to bid. The City, typically, will go out to bid for a project with an RFP (Request For Proposal) or a RFQ (Request for Quotation). For example, the City currently has an RFQ out there for Architectural Design Services for our new fire station. Once the bidding closes the City has to accept the lowest bid and hire that firm to complete the work (so long as their bid paperwork was properly completed). The purpose for the CCNA is to allow us to choose a firm based on their qualifications, not just the best price. For certain projects it's worth it to choose the most qualified firm and possibly pay a bit more because it could save us money in the long run from a firm that may take shortcuts just to win the bid. Sorry for the long story but I feel that is important information for you to tuck away. 😉

We had a long discussion regarding the train that will definitely cease operation in Mount Dora on April 22nd. The train company will continue to operate between Eustis and Tavares. At this time there is no clear next step to pursue a rail system or a trail system. Tavares has initiated a study that will conclude in approximately nine months. The results of that study will allow all involved parties to take the next step in deciding what can be done to either save the train, create a trail system out of the rails or find some method to accomplish both.

We had a great presentation on the future needs of our Wastewater Treatment #1 Facility. The approximate costs to increase utilization and upgrade that facility is $7.854 million. This project has been in our Capital Improvement Plan and we will budget to complete this project. This January the City will apply for a grant to hopefully cover around 30%-40% of the cost saving the City roughly $3 million on this upgrade. Ideally, we would complete the grant process in January 2020, apply for a State Revolving Fund Loan in Summer of 2020 and begin work in October of 2020. Estimated completion date is February 2022.

If anyone would like more details on any of these topics please feel free to email me any questions. The discussions were much more in depth but I hate to lose your attention.

The Regular meeting began with a presentation from Dr. Levey regarding the economic development of the Wolf Branch Innovation District. Dr. Levey recommends that at a maximum 25% of the area be dedicated to residential growth. His goal is to allow for people to live where they work. He can foresee a hospital or university/private school along with large office buildings. City Council should be presented with a complete plan in July 2019.

Our second presentation covered the upcoming Summer Camp Programs our Parks & Rec Department has put together. The City has a one week Adventure Camp this Summer along with a Fish Camp, a First Responder's Camp and a Kayak Camp. These specialty camps are all in addition to our regular Kidsquest Summer Camp. These are fabulous programs and kudos to our Parks Dept. for putting together these really unique camps for our kids to learn new skills and spend so much time in nature. Scholarships are offered to kids who can't afford to attend these camps but for that donations are always welcome to our Summer Camp program. If you'd like to donate please contact Jason Mauer at maurerj@cityofmountdora.com

Before the items of the Consent Agenda were approved the Mayor pulled Resolution 2019-38, Change the Start Time of City Council Meetings. The other items on the Consent Agenda were approved unanimously: Approval of City Council Minutes from March 19, 2019, Approval of Art in the Alley and Rusty Anchor Lease Agreement Amendment.

Resolution 2019-39, Rescinding Resolution 2018-59, Lake County Potable Water, Reclaimed Water and Wastewater Services Territorial Agreement was approved unanimously. This resolution rescinds an earlier resolution that was approved by City Council to create a territorial agreement with Lake County to provide these services to unincorporated areas in the Wolf Branch Innovation District area but the County placed unacceptable restrictions on the agreement. Therefore we have rescinded the agreement and our City Manager, Mayor and City Attorney will work with the County to create a new agreement.

Resolution 2019-41, Transfer portion of Old Hwy 441/5th Avenue was approved unanimously. This gives the City of Mount Dora jurisdiction over the portion of 5th Ave between Alexander St and Tremain St. 5th Ave is a Lake County road but this portion will be maintained by the City under this agreement.

Resolution 2019-38, Setting City Council Meeting Start Time at 5:00pm was amended before the vote. After much discussion Councilmember Tillett made a motion to approve the change of the start time of City Council Regular Meetings to 5:30pm. This was approved by a vote of 4-3 (Councilmember Tucker, Vice Mayor Rolfson and Mayor Girone voted against this Resolution).

Ordinance 2019-08, Board Membership for the General Employees' Retirement System passed unanimously. This was the first reading to adjust the language of the current Ordinance to allow for more members to be eligible to become Board Members.

The City Manager introduced our new Finance Director, Matt Dickey. Mr. Dickey is a graduate of Texas Tech as well as Rollins College. He has 15 yers of Finance experience with both the Florida League of Cities as well as the City of Orlando. Our interim Finance Director will stay on board in a consulting position as Mr. Dickey transitions to his new position.

Again, if you need more specifics on any of these recaps please just email me. stilec@cityofmountdora.com

I try to summarize as best I can but I don't want to give you incomplete information. This was a lengthy work session and meeting with tons of information to pass along. Thanks for reading.



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