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Recap of City Council Meeting - March 17, 2020

We were supposed to begin with four presentations:

1. Mount Dora Yacht Club 67th Annual Sailing Regatta - this Regatta was cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

2. One Book, One Community Program - Although the events included in this W.T. Bland Public Library program will need to be postponed due to the Coronavirus, our Library Director, Cathy Lunday, is very excited to share this year's book choice with our community. The One and Only Ivan is a 3rd grade reading level book told from the perspective of a gorilla who is held in captivity in a shopping mall. It is a great story with a great message. Each Councilmember was presented with a copy including an "old school" library check out card to be passed along to as many residents of Mount Dora as possible before being returned to the Library. It will be fun to track the "journey" of each copy to see where it ends up.

3. Transportation (Traffic) 101 - Postponed

4. Promoting Special Events in Mount Dora - Postponed

The Consent Agenda had 4 items for approval. The consent agenda was approved 6-0 (Mr. Rolfson was not present this evening).

1. Resolution 2010-34, Fiscal Sustainability Plan for Apopka Reclaimed Water Interconnect

2. Resolution 2020-39, Accepting Donated Vacant Residential Land from Lake County Board of County Commissioners

3. Resolution 2020-43, Piggyback Agreement via the Tohopekaliga Water Authority with A.C. Shultes for well pump maintenance and repairs

4. Approval of Meeting Minutes

-March 3, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting

-March 6, 2020 City Council Work Session

Public Hearings:

1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-02, Final PUD Donnelly Woods. Some concerns were expressed with traffic issues, density issues and a general irresponsibility for approval of this project by Councilmembers Stile and Crail. Following the discussion the Mayor proposed that this item be continued until the next meeting to allow for further discussion. The representative for the developer stated that he would prefer to wait until next meeting so that the 7th member of our Council would be present since he voted yes at the initial reading of this Ordinance. The Vice Mayor agreed that a continuance until the next meeting seemed most appropriate and so it was continued until the April 7th meeting. It was pointed out by the developer's representative that had we voted this evening and the vote was 3-3 the Ordinance would have failed.

We had three Resolutions. A 4th Resolution was added at the start of the meeting to allow for emergency decisions to be made.

1. Resolution 2020-30, Easement Purchase Dewar Floral LLC, Parcel 7. Passed 6-0

2. Resolution 2020-36, Catastrophic Water Leak Adjustment Policy. Passed 6-0

3. Resolution 2020-42, Police Department Incentive Program. Passed 6-0

**Added**4. Resolution 2020-51 was passed 6-0. This Resolution basically gives permission to our City Manager, Mayor and City Attorney to make decisions regarding the safety, health and wellness of our City without Council approval. This of course stems from the Coronavirus outbreak and how it will continue to affect Mount Dora.

We had one Ordinance:

1. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-05, Mount Dora Code of Ordinances Amendment to Chapter 23 Floodplain Management. Passed 6-0

Discussion Items:

1. Housing Programs. Council had a presentation that introduced a few ideas to offer grants from the Northeast CRA to be used for home repairs/renovations for qualified residents and to work towards attaining workplace and/or affordable housing in Mount Dora through acquisition of properties that have liens against them. Further research of all of these options were supported by City Council.

If you have any questions at all please reach out anytime.

Crissy Stile



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