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Recap of City Council Meeting & Northeast CRA Board Meeting - February 18, 2020

We began at 5:30pm on Tuesday in City Hall.

A new Parks & Recreation employee was introduced to City Council. Bob Austin is a horticultural specialist. Among other things he will be charged with working with the City's new Beautification Committee to plant the right plants in the right places and spearhead some new projects to beautify our City with vibrancy and color through plants, shrubs, etc. Bob has 37 years experience as a grower.

Consent Agenda had two items. Item #2 was pulled and moved to Action Items so the attorney could present City Council with an updated contract with the manufacturer of the Ultrasound machines, Philips. Item #1 remained on the Consent Agenda and it was approved unanimously, 7-0.

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes -February 4, 2020, Regular City Council

2. Ultrasound Pilot Program - Memorandum of Understanding. The contract from Philips had been used, in the past, for agreements with private entities and never before with a government entity. Therefore our City Attorney made some changes to the agreement to protect our City and make some clarifications before City Council agreed to this no cost project moving forward within our Fire Department.

We had two Resolutions for vote:

1. Resolution 2020-06, Library Materials Exemption from City Purchasing Policy. Passed 7-0

2. Resolution 2020-29, Joint Resolution of Lake County, Mount Dora and Tavares, Identifying a Cooperative Initiative to Develop a Rails to Trails Recreational Trail. Passed 7-0

We had three Ordinances:

1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-03, Land Development Code Amendment pertaining to Bed and Breakfast Establishments. Passed 7-0

2. Ordinance 2020-06, First Reading for Amendment to the City of Mount Dora Police Officers Pension Fund. Passed 7-0

3. Ordinance 2020-07, First Reading for Amendment to the City of Mount Dora Firefighters Pension Fund. Passed 7-0

We had one Discussion Item:

1. Facility Naming Policy. Councilmembers brought forth some potential wording changes, additions and minor changes to the Facility Naming Policy and those changes will be made and brought back to Council for vote at a future meeting.

Construction Projects Update:

1. 4th Ave Docks suffered further damage from the high winds we experienced almost two weeks ago. Local company Faden Builders, is now onboard and has a plan for a proper fix with plans to begin repairs soon.

2. At our next meeting we will vote on a Resolution to approve the citywide CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) to manage the renovation of the Lincoln Swimming Pool. If approved, a schedule of pool closure and renovation will be provided at a future meeting. It is the City Staff's hope that work begin in April with the pool reopening before Summer.

3. 3rd and Baker Parking Lot will remain in use until after the Blueberry Festival and will then be closed for repair and installation of the restroom facility simultaneously.

City Attorney's Report:

1. Authorization for Mayor to execute Quit Claim Deed pursuant to the Settlement Agreement with Medallion Homes dated November 30, 2016. The signing of this Deed was agreed upon unanimously by Council. This property will be deeded back to Medallion Homes.

Future Meetings:

March 3, 2020 - Regular Meeting 5:30pm

March 6, 2020 - Work Session (Strategic Plan) 8:00am - 11:00am Community Building

March 17, 2020 - Regular Meeting 5:30pm

March 24, 2020 - All day Budget Work Session 8:00am (Location TBD)

April 7, 2020 - Regular Meeting 5:30pm

Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency Board had one Resolution.

1. Resolution 2020-27 (Northeast CRA), Agreement with CareerSource Central Florida for the 2020 Summer Youth Work Experience Program. This passed 7-0.

If you have any questions at all please reach out any time. Thank you so much.

Crissy Stile

352.805.8174 stilec@cityofmountdora.com

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