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Recap of City Council Meeting - Tuesday, May 19, 2020

We began at 5:30pm with a presentation from the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce. The City provided a $10,000 grant to the Chamber during this budget year and the Chamber president came to Council to explain how she has put that money to use to benefit the City as a whole. Basically it was put towards expenses to operate the Welcome Center portion of the Chamber.

There were two items on the Consent Agenda. This passed with a unanimous voice vote.

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

-May 5, 2020 Regular City Council

2. Resolution 2020-68, Temporary Execution of Employee Vacation Accrual Cap

We had three Resolutions:

1. Resolution 2020-48, Approval of Mid-Florida Materials (Hubbard) Annexation Agreement. This was approved 7-0. To clarify this approval does not mean the property is now annexed in. Hubbard has to file the annexation application and still follow all the necessary steps to be annexed in while simultaneously rezoning the parcels that make up the 180 acres. If any of this is confusing feel free to call me and I'm happy to explain.

2. Resolution 2020-78, Approval of mid-Year Budget Amendments for Fiscal Year 2019-20. This passed 7-0. Some amendments were errors that were caught and some amendments were necessary to move money to different projects. Most of the amendments were to cut money from certain "non-essential" projects to a reserve account ahead of revenue shortages due to Covid-19.

3. Resolution 2020-80, Change order 1 to Task Authorization 1, Authorizing Flo Power LLC to perform load tap changer repair on Power Transformer T1. This passed 7-0

We had one Ordinance:

1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-08, Annexation 0.93 Acre Wekiva Ridge, LLC. This passed 7-0

City Manager Discussion:

1. Construction Projects Update - 3rd and Baker Parking Lot is projected to reopen July 1st. The Lincoln Pool project is almost ready to begin. The pool is most likely going to close the second week of August and the project will be complete in November 2020.

2. Trails/BUILD Grant Update - The City is focused on getting federal grant money to purchase the rails and the land the rails sit on to transform to a recreational (bike, walking, etc.) trail. Our City Manager and Mayor made it clear that if the money doesn't come through for that purchase there are alternative trails mapped out.

3. Fire Station Update - After much discussion Council agreed with Fire Chief Griner. Fire Station 35 should be the priority. This is the fire station that will be built adjacent to the intersection of Eudora Rd and Hwy 19. After that project is complete we can better evaluate where the economy is and how the City's budget is looking before we move forward with building additional fire stations. Council agreed that no firefighters should be cut from the department. During this discussion it was mentioned by some Councilmembers that maybe a third fire station isn't necessary at this time and it was also mentioned by some, that the property for the planned third fire station should be secured now.

Council was asked to discuss whether or not the Bingo hall across from the post office should be allowed to reopen. Apparently, according to the new Phase One standards, the Bingo hall would be allowed to open at 50% capacity as a restaurant but not to allow Bingo.

I'm not sure why but it was opened up for Council's input whether or not the Bingo Hall should be allowed to open up to play Bingo. It was mentioned that if someone were to complain the Police Department would file a report and submit it to the State. Not all Councilmembers weighed in but those who did thought it would be a bad idea for Bingo to be open. Looks like you'll have to hang your visors up for a little while longer.

Next, Council was asked to discuss hosting Fireworks on July 4th. The Mayor proposed that Mount Dora shorten the regular fireworks show to maybe 4-5 minutes, not advertise the event but instead share the event details by word of mouth and sit socially distanced in Donnelly Park. Councilmembers almost unanimously agreed that this was a bad idea because the crowd could easily get out of control. Every surrounding City and the County has cancelled their Independence Day events so the fear was all those people would come to Mount Dora because we'd be the only ones hosting fireworks.

Thanks for tuning in. If you have any questions or concerns please call or email anytime.

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Council At-Large



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