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Recap of Feb 19th Meetings

We began our 3pm work session with a great presentation regarding solar power. Mount Dora now has 10 customers utilizing solar power in their homes. In total, those users comprise approximately 50 kWh of solar power and as a city we are permitted to allow up to 1,000 kWh of solar usage. It may seem we have plenty of room to grow into solar however the attraction of solar power is growing exponentially. Discussions are underway for our first solar powered commercial building downtown which would be a 35 kWh system so our Amount of usage is beginning to grow quickly.

Our second discussion was regarding the branding of Mount Dora. Basically, our City Staff wishes to hire a consultant or possibly a PT or FT staff member to create a brand for Mount Dora. It was discussed that many organizations, event coordinators, etc. use the City's logo without proper permission. Also, our City's logo can be found in a variety of designs and color combinations and it is important to create one uniform logo that will be used with proper permission.

The third presentation was from GAI Consultants and discussed the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. We got halfway through this presentation during the work session and wrapped it up during our regular 6pm meeting. At the end of the work session the City Manager suggested that we have further discussion about this plan since so many Councilmembers had questions regarding the plan. That was voted on at the regular meeting, see below.

The regular meeting began with two proclamations appreciating the efforts of the Mount Dora Boating Center & Marina as well as Main Street Leasing for their contributions to holiday decorations downtown. After that our three new police officers were sworn into office by our Vice Mayor Cal Rolfson. Mayor Nick Girone went home after the work session because he was not feeling well.

The items on the consent agenda were approved by a vote of 6-0

Resolution 2019-09 to award the contract for grit removal at our wastewater plants was approved 6-0.

Resolution 2019-22 was for Council to approve the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Council agreed, at the City Manager's direction, to table this vote until March 19, 2019. Council will further discuss and get answers to questions at both the March 5th work session and a specially scheduled work session on March 12th at 2pm. The City's Parks and Recreation Board will be invited to the March 12th work session for their input as well.

Resolution 2019-26 was to appoint a Mayor Pro Tempore and a vote of 6-0 confirmed Mr. Marc Crail will be the acting Mayor while both the Mayor and Vice Mayor are out of town until February 21st.

Resolution 2019-28 designates GSG as single source for our Fire Assessment Fee Related Services. GSG will aid and advice the City on the hardship program for folks that cannot afford the $219 Fire Assessment Fee.

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-01, Final PUD Timberwalk. This is final approval for the subdivision which includes 376 units to be built next to Round Lake Elementary School. It was approved 6-0

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-03, Amending Chapter 70 Police Officers Pension and Retirement System. Was approved 6-0

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-04, Amending Chapter 70 Firefighters' Pension and Retirement System. Was approved 6-0

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-05, Amending Chapter 70 Part IV, General Employees; Retirement System. Was approved 6-0

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-06, Disposal of City Utilities. This Ordinance was applauded and passed with a vote of 6-0

During the City Attorney update portion of our meeting the City's Attorney gave us two updates. First, a letter was sent to the manufacturer of the new playground equipment at Gilbert Park. This letter placed the company, Kompan, on notice that should any claims come against the City from injuries as a result of their faulty slide that Kompan would assume responsibility for those claims. The second update was regarding the DOT's project on Hwy 441 at SR 46. Apparently DOT has an "offending pipe" which is dumping water onto a City park property which is causing concern. Our City Attorney contacted the FDOT and the outcome was that the DOT has no intention of adjusting their construction plans to remove this offending pipe. The City Attorney has now filed a petition to have FDOT remove that pipe which could potentially cause problems down the road. Updates will be provided.

5 of the 7 councilmembers leave bright and early for Tallahassee tomorrow to lobby for what's important to our growing City. Fingers crossed that our strong show of support can change some minds in Tallahassee.

If you have any questions or need any clarification please reach out. stilec@cityofmountdora.com

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