• Crissy Stile

Recap of June 16, 2020 City Council Meeting and Northeast CRA Meeting

We began at 5:30pm in the Community Building. We had two presentations:

  1. Certificates of Appreciation for Facility Care Staff - Our Facility Care Staff has a combined 98 years of service to the City of Mount Dora. WOW! Thank you so much for all that you do everyday and particularly for your extra efforts during this pandemic.

  2. Lake Franklin Presentation - The history of this Lake isn't exactly clear because good records weren't kept, but it is believed this Lake was born of a borrow pit for orange groves that were in this location long before most of us. The question was raised by some residents on the Lake regarding ownership and who is responsible for cleaning/treating the lake. Residents were encouraged to reach out to our Public Works Manager Robert Harper to get questions answered.

The Consent Agenda had four items for approval. The Mayor pulled the first item for some further discussion. Items 2-4 were approved unanimously and after discussion of the first item that Resolution was also approved 7-0.

  1. Resolution 2020-70 Fire Assessment Fee Hardship Assistance Program

  2. Resolution 2020-86 Network Integration Transmission Service Agreement and Network Operating Agreement with Duke Energy

  3. Resolution 2020-94 Award Agreement to Hilltop Securities Inc. to provide Financial Advisor services

  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes - June 2, 2020 Regular City Council

We had six resolutions for vote:

  1. Resolution 2020-91 Approval of Agreement with Explosive Touch Enterprises, LLC. This was approved 7-0

  2. Resolution 2020-95 Approval of 2020 fireworks display and dock closure. There was no vote on this Resolution meaning the fireworks will NOT happen.

  3. Resolution 2020-49 Approval of the Agreement with Parkson Corporation for the Rebuild/Retrofit of the Bar Screen at Wastewater Treatment Plant #2. This passed 7-0

  4. Resolution 2020-85 Approval of the Fire Services Special Assessment. This passed 6-1 Mr. Tucker voted no based on so many folks being on unemployment at this time.

  5. Resolution 2020-89 Approval to Piggyback Kissimmee Utility Authority Contract "HVAC Maintenance Services Re-Bid". This passed 7-0

  6. Resolution 2020-87 Authorization for a Wi-Fi Project to service the Historic Downtown District. This passed 7-0

We had one ordinance:

  1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-04 Comprehensive Plan EAR-Based Amendments (Adoption Hearing). This passed 7-0

We adjourned as City Council and reconvened as the Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency Board. There was one item on the agenda.

Resolution 2020-88 (Northeast CRA) Northeast Community Redevelopment Plan of 2020. This passed 7-0

Thank you so much for your attention and for keeping up with what's going on in our City. Please continue to stay safe as Covid cases are once again on the rise. If you have any questions about anything at all please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Councilmember At-Large



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