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Recap of May 5, 2020 City Council Meeting

We began with three Public Hearings - Ordinances

1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-02, Final PUD Donnelly Woods. After another hour and a half discussion, this Ordinance passed by a 5-2 vote (Burtnett & Crail voted no). I spoke to a lot of you regarding this project so I feel like I should explain my vote for approval of this project. I voted yes during the First Reading of this Ordinance but after reading the full traffic study report I was inclined to vote against this project tonight. After a very lengthy presentation this evening from the developer's consultant he made some very valid points regarding traffic. If you are interested in hearing more about the full discussion tonight please reach out to me anytime.

2. Final Reading Ordinance 2020-05, Mount Dora Code of Ordinances Amendment to Chapter 23 Floodplain Management. This passed 7-0

3. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-08, Annexation of 0.93 Acre Wekiva Ridge, LLC. This passed 7-0

The Consent Agenda had two items for approval and was approved unanimously.

1. Resolution 2020-65, Change Order #1 - Purchase of Engineering Services from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) for the Electric Utility Substation Communications Upgrade Project

2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from April 21, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting

Public Hearings - Resolutions

1. Resolution 2020-20, Master Plan Professional Services - Pegasus. This was approved by a 5-2 vote (Stile & Tucker voted no based on now not being the best time to pay $145,000 for a Stormwater Master Plan when we already know what projects need to be done and the economy is so unpredictable at this time).

2. Resolution 2020-55, Approval of BUILD Grant Application Submittal. Passed 7-0

3. Resolution 2020-56, Approval of Task Authorization/Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for CMAR Services at 4th Ave Docks (Faden). Passed 7-0

4. Resolution 2020-67, Approval of Urban County Cooperation Agreement. Passed 7-0

The City will be hanging banners for each of the graduating Seniors from the Class of 2020 on the light posts throughout the City. Seeing as these Seniors worked just as hard as classes before them but have missed out on proms, graduation ceremonies, etc. the City wanted to show our support for these students and their years of hard work.

Parking lots downtown, and along Highland as needed, will be closed off to parking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the July 4th weekend to allow restaurants to setup outdoor dining while still maintaining safe social distancing to help stimulate their businesses. On street parking will still be available. The City is purchasing 50 signs that read "10 Min Parking for Curbside Pickup" These signs will be placed through Downtown and as needed on Highland to encourage safe, quick pickup from restaurants and retail shops as it seems curbside service will become a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future.

Budget workshop days have been scheduled beginning in July. The State will not be able to give Cities projections for the dollar amounts to be received from State Sales Tax, Tourism, etc. because the State is not certain, at this time, just how hard hit the final numbers will be. It is presumed the Governor will call an emergency session of the legislature, to not only adjust next year's budget but to also adjust the current year's budget meaning Cities could lose funds they had already been promised for this year's budget. Mount Dora's first budget work session for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year will be July 7th at 9am.

If I can help answer any questions please reach out anytime. Thank you for staying up to date with what's happening in our City. Please continue to follow the CDC Guidelines and stay safe and healthy.

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Council At-Large



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