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Recap of May 7th Work Session and Regular Meetings

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

We began our work session with an update from our lobbyist, now that the Legislative Session has ended. Unfortunately, the City Council's efforts in Tallahassee did not get us any of the funding we directly asked for to help with infrastructure and implementing trails. However, all hope is not lost. Our lobbyist will still push to apply for grant money that was approved statewide for specific projects as the opportunities arise.

After some discussion City Council agreed that City Staff should move forward with securing the property on 19A for one of our three fire stations. It was mentioned by Council that it would be nice if, in the process, we could also purchase a piece of property to allow for a "back entrance and exit" onto Eudora Road for the future fire station property. Fire Station 34 (on Limit Ave) will also house the training facility as well as the administrative staff for our Fire Department. Station 35 and 36 will be regular fire stations with little to no office space. In this same discussion the City Manager advised Council that the City wishes to pull out of talks to lease the property that is currently home to the post office, for the future use of a parking garage. Currently the owners do not wish to sell but instead wish to lease that property to us and a lease for the property as well as the cost of the garage is just not in our best interest at this time. Unless the owners come back with a purchase price the City will no longer pursue a lease agreement with the owners.

AT&T, at their cost, will install three antennas on top of the Community Building to provide better cell service throughout the downtown area. These are ten foot masts that will hardly be visible from street level.

Our talks about using Public Property for Special Events was just a quick overview of the more in depth presentation we will receive at our May 21st City Council meeting.

Through our further discussion of the CIP Budget it was noted that parts of the old barn that will be torn down on the City's property at 3rd and Baker will be used in the construction of the future restroom facilities on that property. The most up to date drawings have that "turf based lot" providing 50 parking spaces with the restroom facilities. This is approximately $17,120 per parking space plus roughly $200,000 for the restrooms.The City is hoping for an October 1st opening of this lot.

Lastly we took a field trip to the "corner" of Tremain and Charles Ave. to look at a resident's suggestion to make Charles Ave. a one way street running East, as well as Mr. Tucker's idea from a prior work session, to add angle parking along Tremain St. in front of Grantham Point (Lighthouse). Both ideas were met with much disdain from Parks and Rec Board members, some Councilmembers and the public. Our City Manager pointed out that when an idea is proposed, the City looks into the feasibility and usefulness of the idea and that's what they did in this case. It doesn't appear we'll be hearing much about either of these ideas again anytime soon.

Onto the regular meeting:

Resolution 2019-44, Gobie Block 28 Replat. The guidelines for replat of this property have been met. It had previously gone to the Development Review Committee and was approved. City Council voted unanimously to approve this Resolution allowing the Gobie's to split this parcel. The new parcel is zoned as R-1A which means the only structure that could be built on this new property is a residence. Any future structure would be subject to approval by the Historic Review Board.

Resolution 2019-50, Mid-Year Budget Amendments. Our new Finance Director, Matt Dickey, went through the amendments to our budget for mid-year. This is common practice. We had to shift some funds to pay for additional City Attorney costs, hiring a new finance Director while still retaining our interim Finance Director through the transition and some smaller amendments for the first 6 months of the year. This was passed unanimously.

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-07, Change in Zoning City of Mount Dora. The property that was purchased by the City at the corner of 3rd and Baker is currently zoned as residential and needed to be rezoned to Mixed Use in order to move forward with making this a parking lot. City Council approved this change unanimously.

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-10, Amending Chapter Two of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances. The Parks and Recreation Board wishes to meet monthly as opposed to meeting every other month and City Council voted unanimously to amend Chapter Two of our City Ordinances to permit monthly meetings.

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-11, Election Qualification Dates. After much discussion and a presentation by our City Clerk, City Council agreed to set the Election Qualification Dates as the Second Full Week of August, Monday through Friday from Noon to Noon. If City Council approves this Ordinance after the Second Reading this will be the new Qualifying Election Period every year. This gives candidates approximately 80 days, give or take, to campaign for their desired seat. Council agreed that was ample time as opposed to beginning to campaign as early as June in some years. It was also noted that a candidate may pre-file and begin raising funds at any time before the Qualifying period.

In the City Manager's report she announced that the City of Mount Dora would, through mutual aid, begin to pay the salary of of a flat rate to the City of Winter Park Police Department to help the Command Staff of our Police Department while the third party investigation is ongoing. This would be temporary, defined as approximately 30-60 days, not to exceed 90 days. City Manager also let us know that at our June 4th Work Session we would receive an update on the train. After meetings with the County, Ms. Hayes feels they are leaning towards Trails as opposed to Rails and even exploring an alternate trail to move forward with Trail creation as soon as possible. Lastly, our City Manager announced that the Chamber of Commerce let us know that May 16th would be the last of the monthly Food Trucks events.

There was one Board Appointment. Ms. Tillett appointed John Wesner to the Public Arts Commission. John is a local artist and Council agreed unanimously that he would be an asset to the Commission.

In the City Attorney's report she announced that the Charter Review Committee has done a fabulous job working together to review and suggest changes to about eight or nine sections of the City's Charter. She suggested that we hold a work session, allowing the review committee to be present, so that Council could hear the proposed changes and address any questions/clarifications with the committee. The work session is set for May 21st at 3pm.

We reconvened immediately as the NE CRA Board for just one Resolution.

Resolution 2019-42, Approval of the 2019 Juneteenth Festival Funding. This funding ($15,700) was approved unanimously. Beginning next year funding for this event will need to be applied for through a Betterment Grant as opposed to being automatically budgeted for


We adjourned as the NE CRA Board and immediately reconvened as the Downtown CRA Board for just one Resolution.

Resolution 2019-48, Agreement with Redevelopment Management Associates (RMA), Inc., to complete the Redevelopment Plan Update and Extend the Sunset date. This was approved unanimously.

Some days are much longer than others. I hope it's comforting for all of our residents to know that your Council is working together to better all aspects of our City in the most efficient way possible.

If ever you have any questions or need further clarification please reach out anytime. Thank you for making the effort to stay informed.

Crissy Stile



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