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Recap of November 3, 2020 City Council Meetings

We began with a Construction Projects Update. The update included he start of the parking lot expansion for the library to add much needed additional parking spaces.

Consent Agenda. The Mayor pulled items 1 & 2 for discussion. All three items passed unanimously.

1. Resolution 2020-75, Ocala Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) Contract & Trail Improvements

2. Resolution 2020-172, Acceptance of Awarded Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) Grant for Lincoln Community Pool Renovation

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

-October 20, 2020 Work Session City Council

-October 20, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting

-October 20, 2020 NECRA Governing Board

-October 20, 2020 CRA Governing Board

-October 20, 2020 Special Session

Action Items:

1. Restatement of Resolution 2020-138, Specific Safety Requirements related to COVID-19 face coverings. No changes made

2. Resolution 2020-163, Repealing of Resolution 2020-52 and extension of Resolution 2020-138; Providing Temporary Fee and Rate Reduction and In-applicability of Emergency Event Response Pay for Duration of the State of Emergency. No changes made


1. Resolution 2020-151, Lake Gertrude "Protection with Connection" grinder pump program in unincorporated Lake County. To clarify information that was not clear in the agenda packet, the cost for these homeowners to connect to the City's sewer system will be $3,800 instead of the $4,800 that the County charges to connect. That equates to a. $1,000 savings not a $1,000 fee. Passed 7-0


1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-12, Land Development Code Amendment - Sign Code. Passed 7-0

City Manager Report and Update

Advisory Board Appointments - Parks and Rec Alternate Committee member will be Marsha Blum and Mr. Massey appointed Bill Larkin to the same board.

Future Meeting Dates

- November 17, 2020 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

- December 1, 2020 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

- December 8, 2020 1:30pm, Work Session

- December 15, 2020 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

We adjourned the regular meeting and reconvened as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board for three Discussion Items:

  1. Resolution 2020-175 (CRA), Commercial Visual Improvement Program (CVIP) Grant for Royellou 440, LLC. Passed 7-0

  2. Resolution 2020-176 (CRA), High Value Job Creation Program (HVJCP) Grant Agreement with Steamroller Studios, LLC - Passed 7-0 but the dollar amount to be awarded if enough employees are hired will be $86,213.15 The amount was changed to allow for enough funds to approve the next Resolution 2020-177.

  3. Resolution 2020-177 (CRA), Commercial Visual Improvement Program (CVIP) Grant for 138 East 5th Avenue. Passed 7-0

We adjourned the CRA meeting and reconvened as the Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency Board for two Discussion Items:

  1. Resolution 2020-174 (Northeast CRA), Approval of Purchase Agreement with Sound Doctrine Ministries. Council agreed to counteroffer at the appraised value of $143,000 + closing costs. If the property owner accepts our offer the purchase will move forward.

  2. Resolution 2020-173 (Northeast CRA), Approval of Purchase Agreement with Richard Jr. and Carrie Ann Schuessler. This passed 7-0

Thank you again for allowing me to serve you for the past two years. I look forward to remaining a huge part of this community in many ways. If I can answer any questions at all please reach out any time. See you soon!

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Councilmember At-Large



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