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Recap of October 1, 2019 Regular Meeting

The Consent Agenda had just one item:

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2019 First Budget Public Hearing Minutes

September 5, 2019 Regular Session Minutes

September 12, 2019 Special Fire Assessment Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2019 Final Budget Public Hearing Minutes

This was approved with a 7-0 vote.

We had five Resolutions:

1. Resolution 2019-118, Intent to Award for Professional Ground Maintenance and Landscaping Services. This was approved by a 6-1 vote with Mr. Tucker voting against this Resolution. Mr. Tucker shared his concern for the increased cost of these services and believes the City needs to look at selling some of our "pocket parks" to the adjacent homeowner if they're interested in purchasing the land from the City. Leisure Services Director Amy Jewell pointed out that the more than $40,000 difference in the amount budgeted and the amount of this approved contract is because our last vendor hadn't changed their price in four years nor had they included a charge for the Spray Fields. This contract adds the mowing of our Spray Fields which is roughly 40 acres and also adds $25,000 for maintenance and repair of our irrigation systems.

2. Resolution 2019-131, Preliminary PUD Donnelly Woods. This Preliminary PUD passed by a vote of 6-1 with Mr. Crail voting against the proposed PUD. Mr. Crail voiced his concern with the high density of the project.

3. Resolution 2019-143, SR 19A Utility Relocation Project with Cathcart Construction Company. This passed 7-0

4. Resolution 2019-156, Approval of Agreements for Generator Maintenance Services. This passed 7-0

5. Resolution 2019-170, Appointment of a Canvassing Board for the 2019 Municipal Election. There was a change in some of the Canvassing Board members and Gwen Johns was added as an alternate. Pending a final commitment from one member, the canvassing board will consist of:

Misty Sommer

Cal Rolfson

Sherry Sutphen

Donna Blakely (pending)

Adam Sumner

Gwen Johns (alternate)

This passed with a 7-0 vote.

We have one Ordinance:

1. Ordinance 2019-18, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for Donnelly Woods. This passed with a 6-1 vote with Mr. Crail voting against this Ordinance for the same concern as earlier, high density.

City Manager Annual Review - Each Councilmember shared their thoughts on our City Manager's performance over the past year. Mr. Rolfson provided glowing remarks regarding Ms. Hayes performance. Mr. Massey, Mr. Crail, Mayor Girone and Ms. Tillett also shared their approval for our City Manager's performance over the past year and appreciate all she does for our City. Councilmembers Tucker and Stile mostly agreed in pointing out some areas of weakness on the part of our City Manager. Some examples given for low scores on their part were the Employee issues within our Police Department, the confusion and lack of transparency regarding the golf course sale and employee turnover within City Hall. Perhaps the most emphasized point was the disappointment in our City Manager for seeking employment elsewhere after just two years in Mount Dora. A motion was made to give Ms. Hayes a 3% raise and that was approved 6-1 with Mr. Tucker voting against the raise.

City Manager Vacation/Leave Request - While the City Manager is out of town for a few days next week Steve Langley will be the Acting City Manager. While she is out of town later this month, Joe Grusauskas will be the Acting City Manager.

City Manager Update on Projects - The parking lot at 3rd and Baker is moving full steam ahead. It is obviously not going to be open by the projected date of October 1st. Still quite a bit of work to be done.

As questions arise or if I can help with any issues please reach out anytime.

Crissy Stile



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