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Recap of September 12, 2019 Special Meeting

We began at 5:30pm in City Hall.

The Consent Agenda had the Approval of the following Meeting Minutes:

August 20, 2019 Regular Session

August 20, 2019 CRA Governing Board

August 20, 2019 Northeast CRA Governing Board

March 12, 2019 Joint Work Session with Parks & Rec Board

The Consent Agenda passed with a 6-0 vote (Mr. Crail not in attendance)

We had three Resolutions:

1. Resolution 2019-150, Re-Imposition of Fire Assessment. The Fire Assessment Fee will again be set at $219/residential dwelling unit

2. Resolution 2019-147, Approval of Road Closures and Exemptions for Elizabeth Evans Park November Concert Events. This passed with a vote of 5-1. Mr. Tucker brought up concerns that one of the event organizers has an unsavory history of unlawful activities as well as an ongoing civil case. Mr. Tucker questioned the integrity or the event organizer.

3. Resolution 2019-109, Fire Department Uniform/Equipment Vendor. This was approved unanimously 6-0 (Mr. Crail not in attendance)

In the City Manager's portion of the meeting she addressed some concerns that were brought up during public comments. Some residents questioned the current sidewalk removal/construction project along the North side of 5th Ave. from Donnelly St. to Alexander St.

Ms. Hayes said that she finally got to see a drawing for the plans for this area today for about 60 seconds. She will take time to better assess the drawing and report back to City Council, most likely next week.

The residents that spoke during public comments were mostly concerned that this project will end up looking like the seating area that is walled in at Cafe Gianni's Italian Restaurant on N. Alexander St between 4th Ave and 5th Ave. A member of the City's Historic Preservation Board also spoke during the public comments to point out that changes to this City property never came before the Historic Preservation Board. It was pointed out that drawings and plans for changes to the sidewalk/right of way were never presented to City Council either. It was requested of our City Manager that work on this project cease until the City Council can see the approved drawings for this project. She said the work is approved and work would continue.

**Added September 13, 2019 - I neglected to add the City Attorney's report to my recap, my apologies. The City Attorney stated that a resident had concerns about a "write-in candidate" line not being provided on this November's ballot for the Mayor's Race. According to Chapter 10 of the City Charter, where a write in candidate is concerned the City follows State Election Law. State Law prevails unless the City adopts an Ordinance to say otherwise. State Law says that any write-in candidate still has to qualify for the race during the qualifying period. No person besides Mayor Nick Girone and Cathy Hoechst, for the Mayor's seat, filed paperwork to qualify before the qualifying period ended.**

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out anytime.

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