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Recap of September 19, 2019 City Council Work Session and Meetings

We began at 2:00pm with a Work Session to discuss the Special Events Ordinance. This work session gave Council the opportunity to discuss proposed changes to the ordinance and it will come back to Council for a vote at a future meeting. Some items were removed from the Ordinance and will be placed within Policy so that changes could be made more easily in the future. A change to an Ordinance can take 6 weeks at the earliest to vote on because it requires a first and a final reading. If anyone would like specifics on recommended changes feel free to call or email me. There will be quite a few changes but all fairly minor changes.

At 5:30pm we began our final Budget Hearing to adopt a final Millage Rate and adopt a final Budget. Our adopted Millage Rate for 2019-2020 will be lowered to 6.2000 mills. Although this is slightly lower than last year's millage rate, you will still see an increase in your taxes because property values have increased since last year. This adopted millage rate is a 4.20% increase over the rollback rate. The 6.2000 millage rate was passed with a 6-0 vote. Ms. Tillett was not present. The proposed budget also passed with a 6-0 vote. Our total budget for all funds is $98,822,283 minus approximately $114,000 ($114,000 is the approximate difference between 6.3000 and 6.2000 mills).

We then moved onto our regular meeting.

The presentation for Human Resources Professionals Day was postponed.

Four firefighters from the MDFD presented an American Flag with a single blue stripe to Police Chief Bell for the Police Department's assistance with the 9/11 Memorial Walk. They also presented an American Flag with a single red stripe to Fire Chief Tim Griner for making the Firefighter's idea for a Memorial Walk become a reality. If you weren't able to attend the walk this year, you must try to make it next year. Very wonderful tribute to those first responders that gave their lives protecting every citizen of this great country.

The Consent Agenda had nine items. Item #2 and #8 were pulled from the agenda. Item #7 and #9 were pulled and moved to Resolutions for discussion and vote individually.

The remaining items of the Consent Agenda were approved with a 6-0 vote.

1. Resolution 2019-192, Budget Amendment for Cemetery Fund

2. (pulled) Resolution 2019-138, Annual Renewal of Agreement for Professional Tree Trimming Services with Davey Tree Experts

3. Resolution 2019-142, Approval of Road Closures and Exemptions for the 2019 Mount Dora Scottish Highland Festival

4. Resolution 2019-151, First Response Training Group

5. Resolution 2019-149, Approval of Lake County Library Policies

6. Approval of Meeting Minutes

August 27, 2019 Work Session Minutes

August 30, 2019 Special Session Minutes

7. (moved to Resolutions) Resolution 2019-152, Changes to Sewer, Water and Reclaimed Water Connection Fees

8. (pulled) Resolution 2019-153, Budget Amendment for SAFER Firefighter Expenses

9. (moved to Resolutions) Approval of Resolution 2019-155, Reduce Fire Inspection Fee from $125 to $50

The City Manager asked to move her Update on Projects to the beginning of the meeting since it was obvious many people in the audience were in attendance to hear this update regarding the Mardi Gras building at 5th and Donnelly. The City Manager read a memo she distributed to Councilmembers earlier in the week. Basically she accepted fault for the lack of communication between City Staff and City Council. She also apologized to Main Street Leasing for any heartache this may have caused because it was in fact the fault of the City. Reasons given were timing of personnel changes and miscommunication. The slab that has been poured as of today is 32" in height at its highest point. In front of that slab you'll notice rebar coming up out of the concrete that was poured earlier this week. The rebar is there to secure textured blocks, similar to what you'll see across from Sunset Park running along the pedestrian mall. Those blocks will come up as high as the slab that was poured today, Thursday, and on top of those blocks will sit a 4" ADA "curb". That curb is what is required to prevent a wheelchair from going over the edge of that wall. Picture here shows the tall slab that was poured as of Thursday. The end product is very hard to describe in words.

We had five Resolutions for individual discussion and vote, plus the two items moved from the Consent Agenda.

Resolution 2019-152, Changes to Sewer, Water and Reclaimed Water Connection Fees. This passed with a 6-0 vote. Water Impact Fees have decreased, Sewer Impact Fees have increased and we now have a new Reclaimed Water Impact Fee. These fees will go into effect January 1, 2020. We have to give at least 90 days notice to developers.

Approval of Resolution 2019-155, Reduce Fire Inspection Fee from $125 to $50. This passed 6-0

1. Resolution 2019-104, Annual Approval of Administrative Policies, Rules and Procedures. This passed 6-0

2. (this item was pulled)Resolution 2019-118, Intent to Award: Professional Ground Maintenance and Landscaping Services

3. Resolution 2019-127, Lincoln Park and Pool Scope of Services with GAI Community Solutions Group. This vote was a 3-3 tie therefore the motion to approve the Resolution failed and the City will seek a new vendor for Pool Renovation construction drawings. Councilmembers Stile, Tucker and Crail voted against this Resolution and each expressed on the record a lack of confidence in the Parks Master Plan that GAI produced for the City.

4. Resolution 2019-135, Award of Contract for underground Duct-line Services. This passed 6-0

5. Resolution 2019-137, Authorization to Negotiate for Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) Services-Citywide Projects. This passed 6-0

We have two Ordinances for Public Hearing:

1. Final Hearing of Ordinance 2019-16, Change in Zoning, City of Mount Dora. This passed 6-0

2. Final Hearing of Ordinance 2019-17, Rates and Fee Removal from utility Ordinance and Other Financial Enhancements. This passed 6-0

One Discussion Item:

1. (this item was pulled) City of Mount Dora Film and Television Liaison Development

City Manager gave:

1. Departmental Update for August

2. Update on City Manager's Annual Review/Evaluation. City Manager's reviews by each Councilmember will be given at October 1st meeting (this meeting is at 2pm because of National Night Out).

3. Update on Projects - was given at beginning of meeting.

For information on the proposed Charter Review changes that you will see on November's ballot please click here to educate yourself on the changes. It is so important to look at these ahead of time to make the right decision on November 5th.

We were supposed to have two Board Appointments. One on Planning and Zoning and one on the Northeast CRA Advisory Board. Ruth Jones was appointed to the Northeast CRA Advisory Board. The second appointment was Ms. Tillett's. Due to her absence she will make her appointment on October 1st.

Our City Attorney reported that with it being campaign season she would like to implement a slight change for candidates running for a City Council seat. Meetings/Debates/Town Hall type forums should have minutes recorded when one or more, already elected, officials is running for City Council. Each candidate has been asked to inform the City Clerk of any public discussions/presentations so the Clerk can decide if she, or someone from her office, need be present to record minutes and these meetings are to be noticed within the proper timeframe at City Hall.

That concluded our Regular Meeting.

We reconvened as the Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency Board to discuss one Resolution.

1. Resolution 2019-137 (Northeast CRA), Authorization to Negotiate for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Services-Citywide Projects. This passed 6-0

We reconvened as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board (CRA). We had two Resolutions:

1. Resolution 2019-136 (CRA), Community Visual Improvement Program (CVIP) Grant for 1224 N. Donnelly Street. This passed 6-0

2. Resolution 2019-137 (CRA), Authorization to Negotiate for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Services-Citywide Projects. This passed 6-0

Thanks for reading the recap, please feel free to share with your neighbors and friends. They can sign up by emailing me at the address below or by visiting CrissyForCouncil.com. If you have any questions or need clarification on any of these items please call or email me anytime.

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