• Crissy Stile

Recap of the last three meetings

We had a joint meeting Monday night with the Northeast CRA Advisory Committee to discuss and prioritize plans for the Northeast Community.

Leisure Services Director Amy Jewell began with a presentation of the projects planned for the Northeast. First on the list is Phase 1 of the Lincoln Pool renovations which is already underway. There is a Phase 2 for the Lincoln Pool renovations but that seems to fall behind the start of the Cauley Lott Park renovations, also a two phase project.

Next on the list is the Lillie Park renovation but that seems to be some years in the future. Next on the list is the Pickle Ball Complex. The Northeast CRA Advisory Board made it clear with a unanimous opinion that a Pickle Ball Complex is not wanted in the Northeast part of our City. Members of the Committee, as well as members of the Northeast Community, spoke about the long overdue need for a Community Center for kids of the Northeast, and all of our residents, and wished that had taken priority over a Pickle Ball Complex. It was clear by the end of the meeting that a Community Center with areas for tutoring, mentoring, computer stations and more is the number one priority for the Northeast.

Tuesday morning we began at 9am for our Budget Work Session. The Citywide projected budget is $82,866,987. City Staff has balanced the budget with a $5.977 millage rate per $1,000 of assessed value. As of today City Staff has still not received final budget numbers from Tallahassee so our budget won't be finalized until August 18th. Our next budget work session is August 25th when we will finalize the budget including the Capital Improvement Projects. The biggest proposed projects for 2020-21 are two Fire Stations (roughly $14 million) and the Public Works Facility (roughly $8 million).

Tuesday evening we met at 5:15pm to set the Maximum Millage Rate for the TRIM Notice. Next month you will receive your proposed Property Tax bill (TRIM Notice). It will reflect the maximum millage rate we voted on tonight, $6.200 mills. That is the maximum but it is not the adopted millage rate. We will adopt a final millage rate in September.

If you have any questions about any if these three meetings feel free to reach out.

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Councilmember At-Large



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