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Recap of the October 15, 2019 Meetings

Tuesday, October 15th we began our Work Session at 2:00pm in the City Hall Council Chamber. We had two items on the agenda:

1. Golf Association Bid Process. The Proposal that was presented to the City for purchase of the property that is currently The Mount Dora Golf Association has become null and void. It was made clear to the members of City Council, as well as the members of the Golf Association Board, that this information was not to be released or discussed until it was to be presented at this meeting by the City's Purchasing Manager.

It was reported that Tuesday morning the Mayor received correspondence from a Golf Association member of the Evaluation Committee sharing opinions and specifics regarding the proposal.

Because of that correspondence the entire process had become tainted and the solicitation was thrown out. A new solicitation will be issued.... The entire Golf Course property will not be offered for purchase again, at this time. The proposal that was provided to the Evaluation Committee will remain exempt from Public Record requirements until the statutory time periods have expired. No member of the Evaluation Committee will be able to discuss the proposed project, under any circumstances, outside of a public meeting.

The board members of the Golf Association were invited to discuss with City Council their desire for the future of the Golf Association. The result of the discussion was that City staff will look into "carving out" the necessary portion of the Golf Association parcel that would be necessary for the amenities that were originally proposed (pickle ball, tennis courts and a multi use recreational facility). The entire Golf Course property will not be offered for purchase again, at this time. The information that was provided to the Evaluation Committee regarding the proposal for purchase are to remain exempt from Public Record requirements. No member of the Evaluation Committee will be able to discuss the proposed project under any circumstances.

2. Ribbon Cutting at 3rd and Baker Parking Lot - Site Visit. After our Work Session ended we walked down to 3rd and Baker to open the new "green" parking lot. The lot is available for parking however the work is not complete. A restroom facility has yet to come as well as lighting and irrigation.

Instead of beginning with our Regular Meeting we began as the CRA Board. We had two discussion items:

1. Resolution 2019-164 (CRA), Agreement with Boromei Construction for restrooms at the 3rd & Baker Parking Lot. The City Council was asked to approve the construction of the restroom facility to be added to the new parking lot at 3rd & Baker. This restroom facility will cost $117,000. This passed 7-0

2. Resolution 2019-172 (CRA), Community Redevelopment Agency Redevelopment Plan of 2019. City Council was asked to adopt the CRA Plan created by the hired consultant, RMA. This passed 7-0

The Regular City Council Meeting began immediately following the adjournment of the CRA Meeting.

We had two presentations:

1. Recognize Accomplishments of Mount Dora High School ROTC. **Postponed**

2. FMPA Solar II Project - This presentation provided details about a new solar farm that Mount Dora will have the opportunity to benefit from with renewable energy. Origis Energy will own and operate the solar farm. The solar energy will be transmitted to residents of Mount Dora via our energy provider, currently Duke Energy. Power generated from this solar project will not be available until December 31, 2023. Mount Dora has agreed to utilize 5 MW of power from the farm. That amount of energy equates to 20% of our usage. The solar power comes at a price of $28/MWh as compared to the $58/MWh we currently pay Duke Energy for our current power supply. Council agreed unanimously to move ahead with a commitment to this solar project.

3. Florida City Government Week Proclamation. The Mayor read a proclamation for Florida City Government Week.

There were three items on the Consent Agenda. These were approved 7-0

1. Resolution 2019-165, Acceptance of Historic Grant

2. Resolution 2019-166, Historic Plaque for Rehbaum Warehouse Site

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

- September 19, 2019 City Council Special Session pertaining to Special Events

- September 19, 2019 Northeast CRA Governing Board

- September 19, 2019 CRA Governing Board

- September 19, 2019 City Council Regular Session

- October 1, 2019 City Council Regular Session

We had six Resolutions on the agenda:

1. Resolution 2019-106, Adoption of the Wolf Branch Innovation District Implementation Plan. City Council was asked to approve the final adoption of the Innovation District's Implementation Plan. This passed 7-0

2. Resolution 2019-107, Funding Agreement with Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Wekiva Trail. Council was asked to approve the Wekiva Trail study. At a cost of $200,000 this trail study will be completed at the same time as the City of Tavares' Trail study (May 2020). This passed 6-1. Mr. Tucker voted against this Resolution expressing concern about the possibility of a potential change in ownership of the railroad tracks.

3. Resolution 2019-162, Approving East Central Florida Regional Resilience Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding. This passed 7-0

4. Resolution 2019-161, Award of Invitation to Bid Land Clearing Services. This passed 7-0. 13 acres will be cleared in total although 8.15 acres are what is needed for the new construction of City Facilities. The other land clearing comes from areas around the City's existing Water Plant on the adjacent property.

5. Resolution 2019-160, Purchase of new pumps through Hydra Service, Inc. This passed 7-0

6. Resolution 2019-154, Piggyback agreement of the City of Milton agreement for utility billing services provided by ENCO. This passed 7-0.

We had two Ordinances on the agenda:

1. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-13, Special Events. This passed 7-0.

2. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-19, Community Redevelopment Agency Redevelopment Plan of 2019. This passed 7-0

The City Attorney asked for City Council to approve a Settlement with former Police Chief John O'Grady. City Council approved, with a 7-0 vote, a settlement with O'Grady for his vacation and sick pay, just over $64,000.

We had one item for Discussion:

1. Resolution 2019-127, Lincoln Park and Pool Scope of Services with GAI Community Solutions Group. Councilmember Tillett was not in attendance when this Resolution was voted on two weeks ago and the motion for approval failed with a 3-3 vote. Ms. Tillett asked for this item to be brought up again for discussion because she was concerned that based on the motion failing the City pool would not undergo the transformation that it needs. Our City Manager made it very clear that there was never any question after the last meeting that each Councilmember wished to see the pool renovations complete, the concern was the vendor, GAI Consulting. The City will move forward with a choosing a new vendor for construction design and renovations of the City pool. To be clear there was never any question that the pool renovations need to occur as quickly as possible to avoid losing a swim season.

City Manager provided Departmental Updates and Project Updates. City Manager requested Council's consensus to offer $569,000 for the 2+ acres of property on 19A for construction of one of our three new fire stations. Council agreed to go ahead with the Letter of Intent for this purchase.

During the public comment portion of the meeting Pastor Bobby Rowe asked for some assistance from our residents with his tutoring program. Saving Faith Baptist Church at 1155 N. Clayton provides free tutoring each Wednesday evening at 6pm for an hour or so in 4 main subjects. The turnout has been overwhelming and there are far more students than tutors. If you are able and willing to help tutor these children please reach out to Pastor Rowe, 407.808.5284

Thank you for your attention and for your attendance at the meetings. As always if you have questions/concerns please reach out anytime. Happy to help in any way that I can.

Crissy Stile



If you need any explanation on the Proposed Charter Changes before you cast your vote this Fall please let me know.

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