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Recap of Work Session and Regular Meeting - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Our Work Session was solely to discuss Use of Public Property for Special Events. First to speak was the Chamber of Commerce. They expressed their appreciation in working with the City for the events they sponsor throughout the year: Taste of Mount Dora, Bicycle Festival, Christmas Walk and Light Up Mount Dora. Next up the Merchants Association voiced their opinion about Special Events. Mainly, the merchants want to work together with the City and the Event Sponsors to have more visibility during the larger festivals. The merchants propose that the coordinators set the tents up back to back down the middle of the street so that the downtown businesses are more visible. Next we had 3 restaurant owners speak regarding festivals. The general consensus was that the fees charged by the City have increased so much that the event sponsors have looked into moving the festivals to a neighboring city: Tavares, Eustis, etc. We also heard from the President of Visit Mount Dora, the sponsor of the Craft Fair, Blueberry Festival, Spring Show and more. He pointed out that they examine their financial statements to compare to prior years. This past year he sighted a decrease in sponsorships leading to less income and increase in costs, pretty much across the board. The consensus from City Council after we heard from everyone involved was that this was a very useful work session. A lot of information was provided to help make some important decisions regarding the future of Special Events downtown.

The Consent Agenda included two items:

Resolution 2019-69, Fiber Optic Upgrades and Approval of City Council Meeting Session Minutes:

CIP/Budget Work Session April 30, 2019

Regular Session May 7, 2019 with Addendum (corrected)

Charles Ave Field Trip Minutes, May 7, 2019

Regular Session May 21, 2019

Work Session June 4, 2019

Regular Session June 4, 2019

Ms. Tillett asked that the Approval of City Council Minutes be pulled from teh Consent Agenda. Ms. Tillett felt that some comments were summarized more so than others when the minutes were recorded. Specifically she referred to the May 21, 2019 minutes. The City Clerk said she will listen to the audio and amend the minutes accordingly.

Resolution 2019-69 and all other minutes were approved.

There were four Resolutions in front of Council:

1. Resolution 2019-72, Approve a Scope of Services from Fred Wilson & Associates for Power Supply Negotiations. This Resolution passed unanimously. City Council will be presented with the full report in January 2020.

2. Resolution 2019-74, City Support of Lake-Sumter MPO Study for the Wekiva Trail. City Council voted unanimously to request the MPO move the Wekiva Trail Project to their top 20 projects. The representative for the developer of the new Timberwalk subdivision(Round Lake Road) informed Council that the developer is gifting their portion of the right of way on Wolf Branch Road to the City for the Wekiva Trail. The exact route has not been determined as of yet. However, the developer wanted the City to know that should we choose the route that takes the Wekiva Trail to Wolf Branch, they have offered to gift us the necessary right of way for the trail.

3. Resolution 2019-76, Pertaining to the Reimposition of the Fire Services Special Assessment for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Council agreed unanimously to set the maximum possible Fire Assessment Fee for 2019-2020 at $219. That is the same fee we paid for this current year. Council still has to vote for next year's Fee. This Resolution was to establish the maximum amount that you will see on your TRIM notice this Fall.

4. Resolution 2019-88, Charter Review Committee Final Report. Council unanimously passed the recommended changes to the City's Charter as proposed by the Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee. You will be hearing more about these proposed changes in the near future and you will vote on them this November.

Finally, there was one Ordinance.

First Reading of Ordinance No. 2019-09, Annexation of City Property (Limit Avenue). This passed unanimously. There will be a second reading for final adoption.

We adjourned the City Council meeting and reconvened as the NE CRA Board. We had one item for discussion. The City wishes to purchase the property at 1325 N Grandview, the old Ivory's Take Out building. The city had the property evaluated and it came in at $180,000. The owners of the building were asking $230,000. The NE CRA Advisory Board negotiated with the owners and settled on $205,000 + closing costs. That is what was proposed to City Council this evening. It is the hopes of the City that this purchase will spawn growth of new business in the Grandview Business District. Council voted unanimously to postpone this item to our next meeting to allow for more information to be provided regarding the value and condition of the building.

Should you have any questions please reach out any time.

Crissy Stile



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