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Recap of Work Session and Regular Meetings on July 2, 2019

Our work session was filled with numbers, numbers and more numbers. We're working our way through the budget and making good progress. We are told that by July 16th we should see our first draft of the 2019-20 City Budget. Couple of things worth noting. Research will be done to potentially turn the following intersections into roundabouts: 1st & Highland / 5th & Highland. Next year's budget includes a 3% raise for City Councilmembers and a 5% raise for the Mayor. Water rates, stormwater rates and reclaimed water rates are proposed to increase by 3.6% each year for the next 5 years. Keep in mind none of these expenditures have been approved by City Council yet. We will approve a final budget later this Summer.

At 5:30 we began our regular Council meeting.

There were two items on the Consent Agenda:

Resolution 2019-73, Amendment #1 to the Robie Street Property Lease Agreement. This would allow the City to lease additional property for parking at the Robie Operations Facility while our new Public Works Facility is constructed. There will be a one time cost of approximately $15,000 for fencing and preparing the property. The additional lease amount is $500/month through September 2020. Each year after there will be a 3% increase.

Resolution 2019-91, School Resource Officer Agreement for 2019-2020. This is an agreement with the Lake County School Board for reimbursement of base pay for ten months (school year) for two Mount Dora Police Officers. We have four School Resource Officers: Mount Dora High School, Mount Dora Middle School, Triangle Elementary and Sorrento Elementary.

The consent agenda passed with a 7-0 vote.

We had five Resolutions. Resolution 2019-89 was removed from the agenda and will be presented at a future meeting.

1. Resolution 2019-54, Preliminary Plat Lakes of Mount Dora Phase 5C. This is the approval of an additional 61 lots in the Lakes of Mount Dora to bring the total to 887 lots. The total number of lots approved is 1,032. This passed with a 7-0 vote.

2. Resolution 2019-86, Authorization to Negotiate for Professional Consultant Services. This Resolution will allow the City to move forward with the negotiations for contracts on the following services: Architectural Services (buildings and Facilities), Historical Resource Services (Grants and Historic Reviews), Transportation and Parking Services, Traffic Calming Multi-Modal Transportation Master Plan and Community Redevelopment Agency Consulting Services. The City puts together a team of City staff to rank the companies that bid on these services. City Council is asked to approve the rankings so that City staff can begin negotiations with the top ranked companies. We have to go through this process separately for the City, the CRA and the Northeast CRA. This passed 7-0.

3. Resolution 2019-64, Preliminary Plat Timberwalk. This Resolution is asking City Council to approve the further project descriptions and design elements proposed as this project inches closer to construction phase. Timberwalk will be the first residential growth in the Wolf Branch Innovation District. D.R. Horton is the builder. This passed 7-0.

4. Resolution 2019-89-removed from agenda for future date.

5. Resolution 2019-92, Sunset of 2019 Charter Review Committee. This passed 7-0.

We had two Ordinances:

1. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-14, 2019 Charter Referendum. You will begin to see printed material as well as City held workshops to explain the proposed changes to the Charter which you will see on the ballot this November. This passed with a 7-0 vote.

2. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-15, 2020 Charter Referendum. This Ordinance will approve the Charter Review Committee recommendations to be placed on the 2020 ballot for your vote this Fall. This passed with a 7-0 vote.

We reconvened as the CRA Board.

1. Resolution 2019-78 (CRA), Commercial Visual Improvement Grant for Royellou 440, LLC.

This is a request for a $10,000 grant for improvements totaling over $32,000 to the old warehouse on Royellou, next to the History Museum. This was approved 7-0.

2. Resolution 2019-79 (CRA), Commercial Visual Improvement Grant for Saksit, LLC. This is a request for a $9,982.50 grant for improvements totaling $19,785 to the building that is home to JK Thai Garden Restaurant on 5th Ave. The owner wishes to add an outside patio on his property along Royellou. This was approved 7-0.

3. Resolution 2019-80 (CRA), High Value Job Creation Program (HVJCP) Grant Agreement with Steamroller Studios, LLC. This is an incentive program offered to companies creating high value jobs. Steamroller plans to create 55 new jobs in the next 12 months, 35 of which will qualify for the HVJCP. For these purposes the City defines a high value job as $40,291.00 annual salary. Steamroller is eligible for a $2,500 grant for each new employee added over the next 12 months. The award is not to exceed $112,500. The jobs must be retained for a period of four years after the grant has been awarded or the company has to pay the City back for any positions not maintained for at least four years. This was approved 7-0.

4. Resolution 2019-85 (CRA), Authorization to Negotiate for Professional Consultant Services. This is the same as Resolution 2019-86 above. This was approved 7-0

Northeast CRA Board Agenda had two items:

1. Resolution 2019-84 (Northeast CRA), Authorization to Negotiate for Professional Consultant Services. Approved 7-0.

2. Resolution 2019-87 (Northeast CRA), Approval of a Letter of Intent to Purchase Property located at 1325 N. Grandview St. This property is the home of Ivory's Take-Out which closed for business earlier this year. This item was continued until the next City Council meeting. It was recommended that we give our Northeast Advisory Committee the opportunity to meet again since initially they were not provided complete information regarding this property. On July 16th we will have a complete recommendation from our Advisory Board. Meanwhile, a private buyer has reportedly made an offer to purchase this property so this may turn out to be something we don't need to discuss.

There wasn't much discussion on the Resolutions/Ordinances this evening. City Council was provided with a great amount of information regarding each of these items which made for quick decisions. If you have any questions about anything at all please contact me anytime.




Please have a safe and Happy 4th of July. Freedom on the Waterfront begins at 5pm in Elizabeth Evans Park with fireworks beginning sometime around 9pm. Fabulous live music and loads of great activities on the waterfront so come on down. The morning of July 4th at 10am the 4th of July Parade begins at 7th and Donnelly so get there early and take your seat. Look for me in my Jeep handing out books to all the kids.

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