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Recap of Work Session and Regular Meeting

Our Work Session was a joint session with the Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee. The Review Committee spent the last few months, with the assistance of the City Attorney, compiling a list of proposed changes to the City Charter (a.k.a. the City's Constitution). This discussion was an opportunity for the review Committee to explain to Council how/why they propose these changes. Short of cleaning up the wording of some sections, here are the major proposed changes:

Currently we have 4 district seats, 2 At Large Council members and the Mayor. It is proposed that due to the amount of growth we've experienced, and will continue to experience, that we grow to 5 districts, 1 At Large Council member and the Mayor. One of the biggest changes is that future elections would be decided by plurality as opposed to majority. In the case where more than two people are running for the same seat it can be difficult to win by majority (50% + one vote). This change to plurality would mean the winner would be the candidate with the most votes. This change would avoid the chance of a costly runoff election. In the event of a tie the winner is decided according to State Statutes. These are the major changes you will most likely see on your 2019 Ballot. The other major changes come in future years. They are proposing a change in the term of each Council member to 4 years instead of 2 years and limiting the term served for any particular seat to 8 years. You will see a lot more information from the City in the coming months to educate our residents about these changes and explain exactly what is proposed to save you time at the polls and so that you can be fully prepared to make the right decisions for the future of our City.

We began the Regular Meeting with a pinning ceremony for a few of our firefighters and their families. This is an honor to be a part of, watching these proud families celebrate our firefighters.

The approval of minutes from the last Regular Council Meeting were pulled from the Consent Agenda. Further discussion needs to take place about revising some of the wording of what transpired at the May 7th meeting before Council felt comfortable approving the minutes.


1. Resolution 2019-43, Approval of the Dora Parc Replat. This replat was simply to approve a change in the original plans for individual boat docks along the canal. Lennar wishes to do away with the individual boat docks and just allow that canal area to be one large shared community area. If the HOA wishes to build a boat dock that would be allowed. This passed with a 6-1 vote with Mr. Tucker voting against its approval. Some residents of Chautauqua, the neighboring subdivision to Dora Parc, expressed their disappointment with Lennar Homes (the developer of Dora Parc). Mr. Tucker hoped that Lennar might become a better neighbor to Chautauqua if this Resolution did not pass.

2. Resolution 2019-60, Authorization to Negotiate for Architectural Services for Fire Stations and Related Facilities. This passed unanimously. City Staff and City Attorney will begin negotiating the price for Architectural Services of our new Fire Stations.

3. Resolution 2019-61, Authorization to Negotiate for Construction Manager at Risk Services for Fire Stations and Related Facilities. This passed unanimously. City Staff and City Attorney will begin negotiating the price for Construction Manager At Risk for our new Fire Stations.

4.Resolution 2019-53, Authorization for the W.T. Bland Library to host a Food for Fines Donation Drive. This passed unanimously.

5. Resolution 2019-49, Award of contract to DRMP for Construction Engineering and Inspection for US 441 Utility Relocation Work. This passed unanimously.


1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-10, Amending Chapter Two of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances pertaining to meetings of the Parks and Recreation Board. This passed unanimously. The Parks and Rec Board will now meet monthly.

2. Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-11, Amending Chapter Two of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances pertaining to the candidate qualification time period. This passed unanimously. The qualifying period for turning in Election Packets is Noon on Monday of the second full week of August through Noon on Friday of that same week.

Discussion items:

Fire Assessment Fee Methodology Discussion - Our Fire Chief informed us that he and his staff are always looking to other cities to explore all methodologies for collecting the Fire Assessment Fee. We went on to discuss further the Hardship Program for folks that cannot afford the $219 Fee Assessment Fee. Chief Griner will present a Hardship Program Application to Council for approval at our June 4th meeting.

Use of Public Property for Special Events - This was a very lengthy presentation from almost every department within the City. The City wanted to present to Council, to Event Sponsors and to Downtown Merchants exactly what expenses are involved in each of the 40+ events throughout the year. There are a lot of expenses involved with events in Mount Dora that are absorbed by the City. Some of these events are City sponsored events but some are not. It is the goal of the City to create and adopt policies and ordinances in regards to using Public Property for Special Events. At this time each event or event sponsor may not be handled in the same way or at equal costs to the event sponsor and that is unfair. City Council provided some direction through this discussion so that City Staff can begin to formulate new policies regarding use of Public Property for Special Events.

If I left anything out I reserve the right to sleep on this recap and add to it in the morning. 😜If you have any questions or need clarification please call or email anytime. stilec@cityofmountdora.com or 352.805.8174

Crissy Stile

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