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Regular City Council Meeting August 6, 2019

The meeting begins at 5:30pm at City Hall.

We begin with the Consent Agenda which includes five items.

1. Resolution 2019-91, Law Enforcement Trust Fund Purchases. The Mount Dora Police Department is requesting approval to purchase a new storage freezer for Property and Evidence, as well as a storage shed to be placed at the Lake Tech Firearms Range. The new freezer is at a cost of $4,076 and the shed will cost $4,800 with installation.

2. Resolution 2019-99, Interlocal Agreement with Lake County for Infrastructure Improvements on Morningside Drive & Sylvan Point Drive. The County is funding a project to install new storm pipe to address drainage problems in this area. Homes in this area fall outside of Mount Dora's City Limits however the City's utilities are within the County's Right-of-Way and must be relocated at our expense. This agreement will allow the City to save time and money by allowing the same contractor that the County is using for their work to relocate the City utilities simultaneously.

3. Resolution 2019-102, Budget Amendment for Fiber Optics. City Council is asked to approve an additional $22,759.75 to extend our existing fiber optics from the W.T. Bland Public Library to Water Treatment Plant #1 on Limit Ave.

4. Approval of City Council Meeting Session Minutes. This is for approval of minutes from:

Joint Work Session May 21, 2019

Regular City Council Meeting June 18, 2019

Northeast CRA Board Meeting June 18, 2019

City Council Budget Work Session July 2, 2019

City Council Budget Work Session July 9, 2019

5. Resolution 2019-108, Contract Award to Brownie's Septic & Plumbing for Lift Station Pumping Service. This contract will enable the City to respond quickly in the event of mechanical failure of pumps in a lift station, breaks in gravity sewer mains or force mains regardless of the size.

We move onto five Resolutions for discussion and vote.

1. Resolution 2019-77, Interlocal Service Boundary Agreement (ISBA). This Resolution invites the County to initiate negotiations for an ISBA. The boundary of the ISBA would match the existing City/County Joint Planning Area Boundary with the addition of the Thrill Hill parcel, which is currently owned by the City of Mount Dora. This proposal is limited specifically to annexation issues. If approved the County has 60 days to respond with a Resolution of their own and negotiations begin.

The photo to the right shows the proposed ISBA. The purpose of negotiating this ISBA now is to save time as development occurs to allow the City to annex in property within the already existing JPA. If you need clarification on this please reach out, this can be rather confusing (at least it was to me, one year ago).

2. Resolution 2019-81, Renewal of Piggyback Agreement via Martin County, Florida with Allied Universal Corporation for Sodium Hypochlorite. On August 21, 2018 City Council approved the same piggyback agreement with Martin County for the purchase of sodium hypochlorite. This Resolution will renew the piggyback agreement with a price increase of $ .004/gallon.

3. Resolution 2019-82, Award of Contract for ITB 18-PW-020 Emergency Operations: Continuing Services for Public Works Projects Less Than $2 Million. If the City were to experience another major hurricane, like Irma, this Resolution allows Cathcart Construction Company to begin work almost immediately to repair damage to our infrastructure. Having this contract in place allows the City to adhere to the Purchasing Policy and FEMA guidelines while expediting repairs to facilities and infrastructure.

4. Resolution 2019-83, Award of Contract for ITB 18-PW-021 Continuing Services (As Needed) for Public Works Projects Less Than $2 Million. Similar to Resolution 2019-82 this contract avoids the waiting period to send a project out to bid, instead allowing Cathcart to get right to work on repairs of vital infrastructure almost immediately.

5. Resolution 2019-100, Rating and Ranking of Firms for Design of Wastewater Treatment Plant #1 Improvements. City Council is asked to approve the ranking of the three firms that bid on improvements to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant #1. Upon approval of the ranking the City can begin negotiations for the project cost. Estimated engineering costs are $500,000 for the design of the needed improvements to WWTP #1.


1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-14, 2019 Charter Referendum. Approval of this Ordinance will allow the recommendations of the City's Charter Review Committee to be placed on the 2019 ballot. You will be receiving much more information regarding the recommended changes to the City's Charter very soon.

2. Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-15, 2020 Charter Referendum. Approval of this Ordinance will allow the recommendations of the City's Charter Review Committee to be placed on the 2020 ballot.

City Manager Update:

1. Meeting Date Addition of September 12, 2019, Special Session to set Final Fire Assessment Fees

If you need any clarification or have any questions please reach out anytime. You will receive a recap of the meeting on Tuesday evening.

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