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Regular City Council Meeting October 1, 2019

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

We begin this meeting at 2:00pm due to National Night Out. For more information on National Night Out click here.

The Consent Agenda has just one item:

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2019 First Budget Public Hearing

September 5, 2019 Regular Session Minutes

September 12, 2019 Special Fire Assessment Meeting Minutes

We have five Resolutions:

1. Resolution 2019-118, Intent to Award for Professional Ground Maintenance and Landscaping Services. City Council is asked to approve $187,586 for lawn mowing, pruning, trimming, etc. in our public parks and other City properties. Three companies bid for the services. Trimac Outdoor was the lowest responsible bidder. This dollar amount is $40,000+ more than was budgeted.

2. Resolution 2019-131, Preliminary PUD Donnelly Woods.

City Council is asked to approve a Planned Unit Development for the property East of Donnelly Street and North of Limit Ave. This property is currently zoned as Residential Professional Office and Single Family Residential Low/Medium Density (4 Dwelling Units/acre). Applicant is requesting a zoning change to Residential Professional Office and Single Family Residential High Density (12 DU/acre). This development is proposed to have 24,000 sq ft of office space and 112 dwelling units. Construction is proposed in two phases. Phase One is the office space, Phase Two is the apartments and amenities.

3. Resolution 2019-143, SR 19A Utility Relocation Project with Cathcart Construction Company. City utilities need to be relocated in order to allow for the expansion of US Hwy 441 at Hwy 19A. This project will cost $129,179

4. Resolution 2019-156, Approval of Agreements for Generator Maintenance Services. The City has 42 generators throughout the City that are in need of regular maintenance to continue operating at their full potential. The budget impact of this contract for 2019-2020 is $77,498. This amount is $32,398 more than was budgeted for 2019-2020

5. Resolution 2019-170, Appointment of a Canvassing Board for the 2019 Municipal Election. The Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office has informed our City Clerk that a canvassing board is necessary for municipal elections conducted during election cycles where there is not a Lake County and/or general election. City Council is asked to approve the suggested five member canvassing board.

We have one Ordinance:

1. Ordinance 2019-18, Small-Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment for Donnelly Woods. This Ordinance is in conjunction with Resolution 2019-131 above. City Council is asked to approve the amendment of the Future Land use Map area for the proposed Donnelly Woods. The proposed amendment will change 10 acres from Low/Medium Density (4 dwelling units per acre) to High Density (12 dwelling units per acre). Amendments for an area of 10 acres or less only require one reading of the Ordinance. This is the single and final reading.

City Manager Annual Review - Each City Councilmember has met individually to review Ms. Robin Hayes and we will discuss the Council results as a whole and determine the percentage of salary increase if any.

City Manager Vacation/Leave Request

City Manager Update on Projects - Update on Sidewalk Project at 5th & Donnelly; Historic Preservation Board Update; Utility and Public Works Project Update

Should you have any questions or need clarification on anything City related, please reach out anytime at all.

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