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Tuesday's Upcoming Work Session & Meeting

We begin with a 3pm Work Session at City Hall, public is always welcome.

Council will hear a presentation from from Mount Dora's Electric Utility Director Charles Revell, regarding Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Net Metering. Homes in Mount Dora are coming onto solar more quickly than ever. We even have two Tesla systems being installed.

Second, Council will discuss Mount Dora's Branding. It has been discussed that in order to best promote our city we need a "brand".

Third is the presentation of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. This has been a year long effort by GAI Consultants to assess our current parks inventory and make suggestions for improvements to existing parks, creating new parks and better utilization of what we already have in use.

The regular meeting begins at 6pm with two proclamations commending organizations for their contribution to Holiday Decorations in Mount Dora. The Mount Dora Boating Center and Marina, as well as Main Street Leasing, will hear proclamations publicly appreciating their efforts to make the Holiday season in Mount Dora truly spectacular.

We will then having a swearing in ceremony for three new police officers. Mount Dora Police Department welcomes Officers: Juan Pardo, Elizabeth Krueger and Brian McCracken.

On the Consent Agenda (meaning these items are all approved with one vote) are four resolutions. First, an easement purchase on Round Lake Road. This purchase is necessary to complete a portion of the Apopka Reclaim Water Interconnect. The second resolution is for City Council to approve the purchase of 28 Automated External Defibrillators and 14 batteries. This purchase will outfit just about every police vehicle with one of these life saving machines. Third resolution is to revise our Purchasing Policy to include the use of Public/Private Partnerships if so desired by the City. Lastly, a resolution for Council to approve a Piggyback Agreement via the Tohopekaliga Water Authority with A.C. Schultes for well pump maintenance and repairs. This agreement allows the City to save money on pulling each of our five wells to ensure they operating at their optimum level.

Onto four more Resolutions for Council discussion, public input and for vote:

Resolution 2019-09, Contract Award to U.S. Submergent Technologies for Grit Removal at Wastewater Treatment Plants. This was the only firm that actually submitted a bid to remove grit (sand and debris) from our oxidation ditches at both of our wastewater treatment plants. The total cost to remove grit from both plants is $236,550.00

Resolution 2019-22, Adoption of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan. This plan is a vision and master plan for the next 20 years. The plan recommendations include over $34 million in upgrades and enhancements over the next

20 years.

Resolution 2019-26, Appointment of a Mayor Pro Tempore. City Council will approve the appointment of a Mayor Pro Tempore for February 19-20, 2019. The entire City Council will be attending Lake Legislative Days in Tallahassee and an acting Mayor will be appointed.

Resolution 2019-28, Designating GSG as single source for Fire Assessment Fee Related Services. This resolution will allow GSG to assist the City with the annual maintenance of the City's Fire Assessment Fee program. As part of this resolution GSG will review charging residential property on a square footage basis, as well as recommend a vehicle for hardship exemptions.

Onto the 5 Ordinances for vote:

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-01, Final PUD Timberwalk. This is final approval for the subdivision which includes 376 units to be built next to Round Lake Elementary School.

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-03, Amending Chapter 70 Police Officers Pension and Retirement System

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-04, Amending Chapter 70 Firefighters' Pension and Retirement System

Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-05, Amending Chapter 70 Part IV, General Employees; Retirement System

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-06, Disposal of City Utilities. For years outside parties (SECO, Duke Energy) have initiated discussions to purchase the City's Electric Utilities. The City's current code does not specify a process for disposing of utility systems. Nor does it allow citizens to have a voice through the referendum process. To address these code deficiencies, this ordinance will establish the following process for disposing of a City utility: require at least two public hearings; adopt a resolution which sets forth the terms of the sale; retain at least two independent, qualified appraisals to establish the sale price; hold a referendum setting for the the terms of the sale, which must be approved by at least 60% of voters/owners during a general election of the City.

The meeting concludes with departmental updates, property updates for Fire Stations and Public Works Facilities, two Board Appointments and City Attorney updates.

My wrap up post will come late Tuesday night, as Council leaves bright and early Wednesday morning for Tallahassee (I'll post pictures on Facebook, if you don't already follow my Facebook page click here).

As always, if you have any input/concerns on what Council will discuss please call or email me anytime.



Thank you for taking the time to read this and stay on top of what's happening in Mount Dora. Feel free to forward this to your neighbors and friends.


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