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Up Next - December 18, 2018

This Tuesday's meeting will begin with a presentation for Northeast CRA Advisory Board Member, Amy Bolt. The Mayor will read a proclamation honoring Amy's 18 years of service to the Northeast CRA Advisory Board.

There is just one item on the consent agenda. The Council will vote to pass a resolution allowing the Mount Dora Christian Academy to name the two private roadways on the campus of the school. The names they've chosen are: Success Drive and Sports Loop. The cost involved to the City will be the manpower to install the necessary signage.

There are three more Resolutions up for discussion and for a vote on Tuesday. First is a Resolution authorizing City Staff to negotiate with the lowest responsive bidder for the Apopka Reclaim Transmission Construction. The City of Mount Dora has plans to spend $2.7 million, on this project, to pump one million gallons of reclaimed water to City of Mount Dora customers for irrigation use. The lowest bid received is $82,562 higher than the $2.7 million we have budgeted for this project. This Resolution would allow City Staff to negotiate a better price for this project which will take 6 months to complete.

The next Resolution is a Citywide Copier Lease. The City is requesting approval to award Copier lease agreements to Seminole Office Solutions, ending our agreement with our current provider, Toshiba Business Solutions.

The final Resolution is a request of the City to fund $10,000 for the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce. The City has provided grants to the Chamber for the past eight years through CRA grants, the main purpose of the grants being to fund the Visitors Center.

There are no proposed Ordinances on Tuesday's agenda. The meeting will wrap up with the City Manager providing a departmental update for November, proposing future Council meeting dates and giving a Lobbyist update.

Council will announce their Board appointments for the new year and the City Attorney will provide her update.

Stay tuned for a complete recap on Wednesday. Thank you and hope to see you at City Hall on Tuesday at 6pm.


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