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Up Next - January 15, 2019 Work Session

We are making up for a long break between meetings this Tuesday. We will have a lot to discuss at both the 3pm Work Session as well as the 6pm Regular Session. Remember, members of the public are encouraged to attend both Work Sessions as well as Regular Meetings, however the public is not permitted to speak at Work Sessions.

This Work Session will begin with a presentation by Senator Alan Hays(Supervisor of Elections) and our City Clerk. The presentation will cover the Election Process: the effects of City Council terms, participating in Primary Elections, Districting and Future growth and the election process.

Next we'll get an update on the City's Social Media Policy. Back in July the City Council voted unanimously to suspend live streaming of City Council meetings on social media. This discussion will cover the new policy language that has been added/amended to our Social Media Policy to cover live streaming of meetings.

The third item is a presentation to City Council by the Mount Dora Merchants Association. This presentation is for the board members of the Association to introduce their organization to the City Council.

Lastly, there will be some discussion on some of Mount Dora's Pocket Parks. The complete Parks Master Plan will be presented for adoption to City Council in late February, at the request of City Council, this discussion will focus strictly on a handful of Pocket Parks and the cost to maintain them.

This information only covers the 3pm Work Session not the Regular 6pm Meeting. As of this hour Council has not been presented the full agenda for the Regular Meeting so you can look forward to another posting from me sometime tomorrow evening in which I will provide the details of the Regular Meeting's Agenda.

I wish you all a pleasant evening, or morning depending on when you read this post. As always, encourage your neighbors, friends and their neighbors to sign up to receive notice of these posts. It's the easiest way to be in the know.


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