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Up Next - January 15th Regular Meeting

Tuesday's Regular Meeting starts with three presentations. First, Mike Alger will be presented with a helmet after retiring from 20 years of service with the Mount Dora Fire Department. Secondly, the Public Art Commission will make a photo presentation showcasing public art from other communities in order to educate and stimulate citizens of Mount Dora.

Lastly, a presentation will be made regarding the Mount Dora Archives. The Mount Dora Historical Society and the Mount Dora Library Association formed a partnership to collect, preserve and digitize historical photographs, documents and publications to further an appreciation and understanding of Mount Dora's earliest days.

There are five items on the consent agenda. First is to approve the minutes from the December 18th meetings. Second is a Resolution to approve the application for a State Revolving Loan for the Apopka Reclaim Interconnect. The third item on the consent agenda is a resolution for the police department to replace their tasers. The cost to replace 30 tasers is $41,000.

Next is a resolution for a time extension to complete the Apopka Reclaim Interconnect. It is recommended, by City Staff, that the Council grant this extension or we could lose the $550,000 grant we are to receive from the St. John's Water Management District to help pay for this project. The final Resolution is an Interlocal Agreement with Lake County for Fixed Transportation Bus Passes. Other libraries in Lake County currently sell bus passes and this Resolution will allow the Mount Dora Library to sell these passes during business hours.

Resolution No. 2019-05 is an Amendment to the Project Fund Agreement to relocate the utilities on US Hwy 441 between Lincoln Ave and Donnelly St. This amendment extends the start date of construction from February 1, 2019 to May 1, 2019. This project will be completed between February 28, 2021 and June 30, 2021.

Resolution No. 2019-11 will create the Mount Dora Utility Leak Adjustment Policy. Recently, some customers have had leaks or breaks on their side of the meter and were not immediately aware of the tremendous increase in their water usage. This resolution would allow for a customer that can prove a leak in their water line, that caused a tremendous increase in their water bill, a discount on the cost of the water usage from the leak. These occurrences will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

There are two ordinances to be voted on this Tuesday. First is the final reading of the ordinance that addresses Residential Design Guidelines for new construction. The City wishes to limit the design of newly constructed homes to fit the historical character of Mount Dora.

Second is the final reading of the ordinance regarding the retail sale of cats and dogs. Mount Dora wishes to adopt an ordinance, as Lake County has, that only allows cats and dogs to be "purchased" from "rescue facilities". Pet stores, and the like, will no longer be permitted to sell cats and dogs.

The final discussion item is to allow use of the City Logo and/or the City Flag to be used when promoting our Sister Cities Exchange Program.

Remember, the Work Session begins at 3pm at City Hall and the Regular Meeting begins at 6pm. You are encouraged to join us for both meetings.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me anytime stilec@cityofmountdora.com

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