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Upcoming City Council Meeting

We begin this Tuesday's meeting with two presentations. First, Dr. Levey will provide an update on Economic Development and the Wekiva Trail Location.

Second, the Mayor will present Certificates of Appreciation to two city employees set to retire very soon.

The Consent Agenda has two items:

1. Resolution 2019-63, Contract Award to Worth Contracting, Inc. for Sandblasting and Painting of Ground Water Storage Tanks at Water Plant #1. These two storage tanks were built in 1962. This refinishing will bring the tanks to like new condition for $68,750.

2. Approval of City Council Meeting Session Minutes for June 11, 2019 & June 18, 2019


1. Resolution 2019-89, Demolition of Public Works Complex, 1250 N Highland St. If approved, the old Public Works Complex (Lincoln Ave & Highland) will be demolished by Samsula Waste, Inc. for a cost of $138,266.31 All buildings will be razed, infrastructure removed and the area will be stabilized with grass.

2. Resolution 2019-93, Lake County Library System Interlocal Agreement. In order to receive State Aid monies the Lake County Library System is required to have an interlocal agreement in place. The appropriation of funds is based on circulation. Based on the library's 11% circulation growth, the 2019 disbursement is projected to be $232,562

3. Resolution 2019-96, Tentative Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2019-20 Budget. The City is requesting that City Council approve a tentative millage rate of $7.0000 mills. This is a 17.64% increase from the previous year's millage rate. Here's my best attempt at explaining this in writing.

In 2019-20 the taxable property value of homes in the City of Mount Dora will increase by more than 10% over last year(2018-2019). Obviously, this means your taxes will increase if the City maintains our 2018-19 millage rate of $6.3000. The City is proposing that City Council approve a tentative 2019-20 millage rate of $7.0000, meaning not only will your taxes increase based on the taxable value but they'll increase even more based on the increased millage rate. Based on next year's taxable values the rollback rate is $5.9503 mills. The rollback rate is calculated by taking the Ad Valorem Tax proceeds the City received last year (based on $6.3000) and using that number to determine what the millage rate would have to be to receive the same amount of funds, taking into consideration the increased taxable property values. Here is an example to help simplify in case that didn't make sense. These are not actual numbers, I'm using round numbers to make for easy calculations. Let's say last year's taxable value was a billion dollars and we had a millage rate of $6.3000. That would mean the City received $6,300,000 in Ad Valorem taxes to be used for operational purposes (1,000,000,000 * .0063 = $6,300,000). Now let's say this year the taxable value increased from $1,000,000,000 to $1,100,000,000. The rollback rate is calculated by taking the ad valorem tax proceeds received last year ($6.3 million) and dividing it by the new taxable value ($1.1 billion). $6,300,000 / $1,100,000,000 = $5.7272 mills

Back to the actual numbers the City is looking at for the 2019-20 budget year, if our spending remained the same as 2018-19 in 2019-20 our millage rate would be $5.9503 mills. City staff is recommending raising the millage rate to $7.0000 resulting in a 17.64% increase over last year's millage rate. If this is still unclear please call or email me and I can explain in person. It's much easier that way. This is the portion of my email where I strongly encourage you to attend the next Council meeting and speak your mind. By the time you receive your TRIM Notice it's too late and then residents run around saying they never had any input. Now is your chance. This is not a final vote on Tuesday, just a vote to set the tentative rate. Again, I encourage those of you that may see tremendous increases in your taxes to make your opinions heard to your City Council. Please don't make me say I told you so. 😃


1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-09, Annexation of City Property (Limit Avenue). This Ordinance will annex the property purchased by the City, on Limit Avenue, to house our new Fire Station and Public Works Facility.

Discussion Items:

1. Request for Authorization for the Mayor to Sign a Letter in Opposition of the Placement and/or Display of the Edmund Kirby Smith Statue in Lake County

Again, if you have any questions/concerns please reach out anytime.

Crissy Stile



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