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Upcoming City Council Meeting January 7, 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

We have two proclamations to begin:

1. Mount Dora Friends of the Environment - Friends of the Environment are making a donation to the City.

2. Proclamation in Recognition of Mabel Norris Reese on Sunday, January 12th -

For more information regarding Mabel Norris Reese and this Proclamation please visit RememberMabel.com

We have just one Resolution and two Ordinances for vote.

1. Resolution 2019-140, Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) Agreement. City Council is asked to approve the agreement with Wharton-Smith to be the CMAR for the construction of our three Fire Stations. This legalities of this agreement have been worked on since May 2019.

1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2019-21, Annexation Bristol Lakes Phase II, LLC - Bristol Lakes Apartments has purchased a parcel from the Simpson Family to expand their property and eventually build more multi family dwellings. This is the final reading to annex that parcel into City Limits.

2. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-01, Change in Zoning Bristol Lakes, Phase II, LLC - Bristol Lakes wishes to build additional apartments adjacent to their current buildings. The property is currently zoned as Agricultural. This change in zoning would result in the parcel being zoned as Multi Family Residential Apartment.

City Manager Update

Advisory Board Appointments - Vacancies will be filled for the following boards:

Parks & Recreation - 3 seats

Library Advisory Board - 1 seat

If any of this information is unclear or you have any questions at all please reach out anytime.

Crissy Stile



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