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Upcoming City Council Meeting September 5, 2019

Wondering why we're meeting on Thursday?

The Lake County Commission holds their Budget Hearings on Tuesdays in September and our City Council Budget Hearing cannot conflict with the County hearings.

We begin at 5:30pm at City Hall with our first Budget Hearing to adopt the Tentative Millage Rate and the Tentative Budget

1. Resolution 2019-144, Tentative Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

2. Resolution 2019-145, Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

We move on to our regular meeting and begin with two presentations:

1. Certificates of Appreciation for Cemetery Staff

2. Certificate of Appreciation for Greg Hernandez

The Consent Agenda has two items:

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from June 4, 2019 Work Session and July 16, 2019 Regular Session

2. Resolution 2019-130, Electric Rate Adjustments. Electric base rates for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 are being increased by 2.36%. The Power Cost Charge for October 2019 will decrease from the current rate of $.06200 per kWh to $.05865 per kWh.

We have one Resolution to vote on.

1. Resolution 2019-120, Preliminary PUD Cottages on 11th.

This Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposes 27 single family homes on 10.88 acres. This property is currently orange groves and is owned by Christian Home and Bible School.

There are two Ordinances before us on Thursday.

1. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-16, Change in Zoning City of Mount Dora. This proposed change in zoning is for the property on Limit Ave that will be the future site of a new Fire Station, new Public Works Facility and other City Facilities.

2. First Reading of Ordinance 2019-17, Rates and Fee Removal from Utility Ordinance and Other Financial Enhancements. Currently the City's rates for electric, water, wastewater and stormwater utilities are detailed in an Ordinance. Removing the rates from the Ordinance and moving them to a rate Resolution is more efficient, reduces redundancy and provides a simpler way for customers to find a utility service cost.

City Manager Updates:

-Policies: Social Media

-Budget Data: FTE Chart, Budget Summary Information and Fee Schedules

-4th Avenue Dock Pedestrian Activity

If you have any questions or need clarification on this agenda please call or email me anytime. If you pass me walking my dogs, that's an okay time too.



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