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Upcoming City Council Meeting - Tuesday, August 18, 2020

We begin at 5:30pm in the Community Building with a presentation from Renaissance Planning Group. RPG will present the Traffic Calming Strategies Final Report. The traffic calming areas to be addressed are: Limit Avenue, Pine Avenue, Old Eustis Rd, Heim Rd/W. 11th Ave, Normandy Dr/Overlook Dr, N. Clayton St, E 1st Ave and E 1st Ave (west)/N. Grandview St/E 3rd Ave

There are six items on the Consent Agenda. You'll recall the entire Consent Agenda is approved with one vote unless a Councilmember wishes to pull one or more items from the Consent Agenda for individual discussion and vote.

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: August 4, 2020 Regular Meeting & August 7, 2020 Special Session

  2. Resolution 2020-123, Florida Green Finance Authority District. City Council is asked to approve this resolution to allow Qualifying Improvements (basically energy efficient/water conservation/wind hardening improvements) to your home/business/non-profit, to be financed through the PACE Funding Agency and repaid through your property tax bill as a non-ad valorem fee.

  3. Resolution 2020-124, Florida PACE Funding Agency. Council is asked to approve this resolution establishing the authorization of the PACE Funding Agency to provide funding for Qualifying Improvements to your property.

  4. Resolution 2020-125, Green Corridor Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) District. Approval of this resolution allows the City of Mount Dora to become a part of the PACE District as a non-voting member.

  5. Resolution 2020-137, Approval of Task Authorization No. 2 for Helen Street Drainage Improvements - Phase 2 Design Services. Design services of Phase 1 have been completed at a cost of $34,856, it is time to consider Design Services for Phase 2 at a cost of $17,500

  6. Resolution 2020-132, Pertaining to the Second Addendum to the Real Property Purchase Agreement with Dewar Floral, LLC. This will allow the purchase of an easement necessary for construction of a water main, reclaim main and force main from the intersection of Britt Road and Wolf Branch Road to the entrance of Laurel Ridge Drive in the Country Club of Mount Dora. The cost of this easement is $60,000

We have two Action Items:

  1. Restatement of Resolution 2020-52, Local State of Emergency

  2. Restatement of Resolution 2020-138, Specific Safety Requirements related to COVID-19 face coverings

We have five Resolutions for discussion and vote:

  1. Resolution 2020-72, Acceptance of the Lake County Water Authority Grant to install a Baffle Box on Lake Gertrude. This is a 50/50 grant in which the Lake County Water Authority will match our expenses up to $65,000 or 50% of the Project Costs, whichever is less. A Baffle Box allows sediment and other pollutants to be caught before entering the waterbody, in this case Lake Gertrude. They are installed in the stormwater drain. This is intended to increase the quality and clarity of the water in Lake Gertrude.

  2. Resolution 2020-73, Authorizing a Project and Task Order for Underground Work to Provide Electric Service for the Wastewater 2 Treatment Facility. This project is to transfer electric service of Wastewater Plant #2 from Duke Energy to the City of Mount Dora. This also includes upgrades to existing overhead facilities to accommodate anticipated loads. Total cost is $211,051.

  3. Resolution 2020-136, Purchase of Fire Department Emergency Vehicles. Our ladder truck is 18 years old and has reached the end of its useful life. The second vehicle would be a reserve engine to avoid a lack of emergency apparatus in service. The new ladder truck comes at a cost of almost $1.4 million and the reserve engine will cost just over $721,000. (Above photo is a much less expensive ladder truck from the Maui Fire Department. Can be better defined as a truck with ladders rather than a ladder truck).

  4. Resolution 2020-131, Pertaining to Amendment 1 to the Agreement with Allied Universal Corporation for the purchase of Chlorine through a piggyback with Martin County. This contract is up for renewal and the price of the chlorine we purchase has increased by $.009 from the current price.

  5. Resolution 2020-139, Impact Fee Credit Agreement for the Timberwalk subdivision utilities. The City wishes to increase the size of the main connections for water, sewer and reclaim as these lines are extended to meet the needs of Timberwalk subdivision on Round Lake Road. While the lines are being extended anyway, the increase in connection sizes will support future growth in the Wolf Branch Innovation District. The total cost of up-sizing the water, sewer and reclaim mains is estimated at $567,015. The total Impact Fees to be collected for the 367 lots in Timberwalk is $2.222 million. The actual developer impact fee credit will be based on the actual construction cost the developer incurs.

We have one Ordinance:

  1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-13, Final PUD for Eudora Groves. This is the Final Reading to approve the Eudora Groves PUD which includes 154 dwelling units (apartments and villas). These are located off Eudora Road just west of Spring Harbor Apartments.

City Manager Report includes:

  1. Construction Projects Update

  2. Lobbyist Update

  3. Summary of Actions taken at various Advisory Board Meetings

  4. Chamber Program - Promotional Video

  5. Face Coverings - School Exemptions

  6. Tree City requirements

Board Appointments:

  1. Board Appointment for Firefighter Pension Board

  2. Mount Dora Community Trust - Distribution Committee Mayoral Appointment

Future Meeting Dates:

  • August 25, 2020, 9:00am, Budget Work Session

  • Thursday, September 10, 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

  • Thursday, September 24, 2020, 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

  • October 6, 2020, 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

  • October 20, 2020, 5:30pm, Regular Meeting

If you have any questions/concerns about anything on the agenda please contact me anytime. Thank you for keeping up with what's happening at City Hall.

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Councilmember At-Large



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