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Upcoming City Council Meeting Tuesday, February 4, 2020

We begin at 5:30pm in City Hall with two presentations.

1. Resolution 2020-25, Recognition of Former Mayor Nick Girone

2. Resolution 2020-26, Recognition of Former Councilmember Laurie Tillett

The Consent Agenda has just one item

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes

- January 17, 2020, City Council Retreat (Strategic Planning Session)

- January 21, 2020, Regular Meeting

We have six Resolutions for vote:

1. Resolution 2019-193, Purchase of Vehicles from Alan Jay Fleet Sales and Bozard Ford Fleet Sales, Inc. under the Florida Sheriff's Association Cooperative Purchasing Program. The Building Department is purchasing five new vehicles for the building inspectors, the deputy building official and the building official. The total cost for these vehicles is $130,174.14

2. Resolution 2020-10, Fiber Optic Upgrades.

This is a request for City Council to approve the purchase of fiber optic equipment and installation to extend the existing fiber to Cauley Lott Park, the Martin Luther King Center and on to the intersection of E 11th Ave and N Unser St. This portion of the Fiber Optic extension will cost $162,236

3. Resolution 2020-11, Change Order #2 for Commercial Industrial Corporation. This Resolution is in regards to relocating utilities in anticipation of the Widening of Hwy 441. City Council is asked to approve a change order in the project resulting in increased costs of $137,240. When the plans were engineered for the widening of 441 the new AdventHealth building had not yet been built, adjacent to the Country Club. To continue with the current method of open trench drilling it would cost over $300,000. A more cost effective alternative has been determined. The City has received a one million dollar grant to aid in these utility improvements. This increase in costs will be reimbursed by this $1,000,000 Economic Development Grant.

4. Resolution 2020-17, Approval of Agreement with Architects Design Group for architectural services for the new Public Works Facility. Staff has negotiated with ADG for design services for the new Public Works Facility on Limit Ave. The $75,700 cost for design services is for Phase I only. The cost of future phases cannot be determined until Phase I is complete. ADG will continue to work with the successful CMAR (see next Resolution) to complete actual construction of the facility.

5. Resolution 2020-18, Authorization to negotiate for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Services for Public Works Facility. Four proposals were received in response to the City's RFQ (Request for Qualification). City Council is asked to approve negotiations with the highest scoring firm, Ajax Construction. If negotiations are not successful Staff will negotiate with the second and third ranked firms, Wharton-Smith Construction and Evergreen Construction. The budget amount for land, engineering and construction of the new facility is $11,877,800

6. Resolution 2020-19, Approval for 6th Avenue Drainage System Agreement. The City maintained stormwater pond on the corner of Old Hwy 441 and N. McDonald St is experiencing erosion that needs remediation. Some broken concrete needs to be removed and stormwater redirected. City crews will complete this work with our own equipment. The only cost anticipated is $4,999 for the permit and miscellaneous expenses.

We have one Appeal:

1. Appeal (de novo), to the City Council stemming from the DENIAL of a variance application pertaining to the property located at 844 North Grandview Street, issued by the Planning and Zoning Commission on November 20, 2019. This variance was denied by our Planning and Zoning Commission. The property owner is appealing to City Council to grant the variance. The owner has applied for a variance to lessen the setbacks required by City Code in order to create three lots from the existing two lots his home sits on.

We have two Discussion Items:

1. Establishing Special Dates for Annual Recognition

2. Community-wide Clean-up Days

If you have any questions, concerns or would like clarification on any part of the agenda please reach out anytime. Thank you for being involved.

Crissy Stile



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