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Upcoming City Council Meeting - Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Remember folks, you are encouraged NOT to attend this meeting due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The meeting will be available via Facebook Live and individuals will be able to submit questions and public comment. I'm sure that will be clarified at the start of the meeting at 5:30pm. If you do not already "Like" the City's Facebook page you can click here and Like the page in order to watch the meeting.

We begin with four presentations:

1. Mount Dora Yacht Club 67th Annual Sailing Regatta

2. One Book, One Community Program

3. Transportation (Traffic) 101

4. Promoting Special Events in Mount Dora

The Consent Agenda has 4 items for approval:

1. Resolution 2010-34, Fiscal Sustainability Plan for Apopka Reclaimed Water Interconnect. The City paid for the Apopka Reclaimed Water Interconnect with a SRF (low interest) Loan along with a grant from St. John's Water Management. The State requires that we submit a Fiscal Sustainability Plan for maintenance and care of this system.

2. Resolution 2020-39, Accepting Donated Vacant Residential Land from Lake County Board of County Commissioners. The County wishes to donate to the City a parcel of land that is 4,500 sq ft. They have no use for this parcel. The City would look to transition this property to workforce housing or something of the like.

3. Resolution 2020-43, Piggyback Agreement via the Tohopekaliga Water Authority with A.C. Shultes for well pump maintenance and repairs This is a piggyback agreement to renew an expiring piggyback agreement for maintenance of our well pumps.

4. Approval of Meeting Minutes

-March 3, 2020 Regular City Council Meeting

-March 6, 2020 City Council Work Session

Public Hearings:

1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-02, Final PUD Donnelly Woods. This would be the final approval to allow construction of 112 apartments at the corner of Donnelly and Limit Ave along with 24,000 sq ft of medical/professional office space.

We have three Resolutions:

1. Resolution 2020-30, Easement Purchase Dewar Floral LLC, Parcel 7. The City is currently obtaining easements along Britt Road for construction of a water main, reclaim main and force main from the intersection of Britt and Wolf Branch Roads to the emergency entrance of Laurel Ridge Drive in the Country Club subdivision. There are seven easements the City is trying to obtain. All except this one cost less than $35,000. This one is $55,000 so it requires Council approval.

2. Resolution 2020-36, Catastrophic Water Leak Adjustment Policy. City Council approved a Resolution in January 2019 to allow for "forgiveness" or some portion of an exorbitant water bill due to a break in the line, commercial or residential. Staff has determined this Resolution has been effective from a customer service standpoint, except for Catastrophic Water Loss events. This Resolution would allow any homesteaded customer to apply for a one time catastrophic adjustment. Instead of being charged the lowest tier for water consumed, qualifying customers would be charged no more than twice their average past monthly water charge.

3. Resolution 2020-42, Police Department Incentive Program. This Resolution boils down to an annual increase in the Police Department's budget of $196,913.25 in order to remain competitive with the Sheriff's Office and other surrounding agencies that are offering our experienced officers greater pay. The loss of several experienced officers has prompted this increase in pay in an effort to retain our experienced officers.

We have one Ordinance:

1. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-05, Mount Dora Code of Ordinances Amendment to Chapter 23 Floodplain Management. Representatives of the Florida Division of Emergency Management have provided the City several suggested minor changes as a result of recent State Law updates. This Ordinance will make those minor changes.

Discussion Items

1. Housing Programs - Staff to bring this item for discussion to open the dialogue regarding affordable and attainable housing.

If you have any questions at all please reach out anytime.

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