• Crissy Stile

Upcoming City Council Meeting, Tuesday, October 6, 2020

We begin at 5:30pm in the Community Building with a Construction Projects Update.

Consent Agenda:

  1. BESH changes name to BESH Halff. BESH is a contracted engineering firm for the City of Mount Dora. BESH's ongoing professional services will now be performed under the BESH Halff name after the execution of an asset purchase agreement.

  2. Resolution 2020-126, Purchasing Policy. Seven revisions have been made to the Purchasing Policy for City Council's approval. Change the word "policy" to "section" under each chapter; Adds language that the Finance Director designates the Purchasing Manager to handle procurement; Changes the Purchasing Division to Finance Department to be more generic; Changes solicitation level from $35,000 to $50,000, this is to help expedite procurement, doesn't eliminate the requirement for quotes; Makes uniform that the City Manager's threshold limit is changed from $35,000 to $50,000 across all sections of the policy; Chapter 18 - Procurement card, cardholder limit language amended; Added a new Chapter 19 - Fuel cards, mimics language for the Procurement Card chapter.

  3. Resolution 2020-127, Fund Balance Policy. Our current Fund balance Policy does not include a minimum and maximum for each Fund. This update will include setting a minimum and maximum Fund Balance for more funds than the current Resolution includes. For example, the current Resolution does not require a minimum/maximum balance for funds such as: Fire Assessment Fee, Protective Inspections, both Community Redevelopment Agencies and Self-Insured Health. The proposed Resolution also omits the Cemetery Fund from the list of required min/max balance.

  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes - September 24, 2020 City Council Meeting

Action Items:

  1. Restatement of Resolution 2020-138, Specific Safety Requirements related to COVID-19 face coverings


  1. Resolution 2020-14, Spring Harbor Boulevard Marketplace (Commercial) Replat. Council is asked to approve the replat of the existing Target parking lot to include two new parcels fronting US Hwy 441. One parcel is a proposed Panda 🐼 Express and the other is to be determined (retail).

  2. Resolution 2020-142, Approval of Solar Purchase Power Agreement and Site License to provide solar energy to the City of Mount Dora. Council is asked to approve the purchase of solar power through NovaSol. Two solar farms are proposed. One at the Wastewater Treatment Facility at SR 46 and Hwy 441 and the other at the Perc Pond property on CR 19A (next to our current Fire Station on 19A). This is a 30 year term with a one year extension for five years and a Site License to build the farm on Mount Dora property. Also, NovaSol has agreed to build up to a 30 kW rooftop solar system on the new Municipal Complex off Limit Ave which is valued at approximately $75,000. The total solar energy purchase will cost approximately $260,000 per year and replace a portion of the energy purchase from OUC.

  3. Resolution 2020-150, Approval of CPH, Inc. Task Authorization for Transportation Master Plan. New development and rezoning projects have generated the need to evaluate the overall city-wide transportation network to develop a transportation master plan. This will come a cost of $199,250

  4. Resolution 2020-158, Hilltop Drainage Improvement Project. Public Works has identified a recurring flooding issue between the Crestview and Hilltop Drive drainage systems. Stormwater collection is limited in this area by the existing 18-inch pipe diameter. Cost for conceptual design, not the actual construction, is $65,514. The homeowner most affected has agreed to donate the additional drainage easement width needed to complete this project.

  5. Approval of Resolution 2020-166, Public Private Partnership (P3) Policy. Currently the City does not have a policy for P3's. A public private partnership is a contractual agreement between a public agency and a private sector person or entity organized for the purpose of timely delivering services or facilities in a cost-effective manner that might not otherwise be possible using traditional sources of public procurement. At times the City may pass on an opportunity to provide a service or facility, for the betterment of our City, because of lack of funding and/or assets. A P3 allows for potential shared funding, ownership, assets and potential risks between the City and the private entity. There is no cost associated with implementing this policy outside of City Attorney fees to review the policy.


  1. Final Reading of Ordinance 2020-16, Cemetery Ordinance. This is the final reading to update the Cemetery Ordinance regarding Cemetery Coping.

  2. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-12, Land Development Code Amendment - Sign Code. Significant changes have been made to the City's sign code, mostly stemming from the creation of the Van Gogh house. If you would like a list of the proposed changes please email me and I'm happy to provide the summary pages for you. It would be far too much to include in this summary.

  3. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-18, Simpson Family Partnership, Ltd. Annexation.

This is a 0.35 acre property that will allow connection between US Hwy 441 and the expansion property at Waterman Village via United Southern Bank (see photo).

If you have any questions or need clarification please reach out anytime. Thank you for staying informed.

Crissy Stile

Mount Dora City Councilmember At-Large



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