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Upcoming Regular City Council Meeting - July 7, 2020

We begin at 5:30pm in the Community Building with a presentation by the Mayor. Mayor Hoechst will present the 2018-1019 State of the City Address.

The Consent Agenda has four items for approval:

  1. Resolution 2020-77, Robie Street Property Lease Agreement - Amendment #2. Since October 2018 the City has been renting warehouse space on Robie Ave until our new Public Works facility is constructed on Limit Ave. The cost to rent the Robie facility under this new agreement beginning October 1, 2020 is $10,135/month.

  2. Resolution 2020-99.Award Agreement to GRESCO Supply, Inc. to purchase Transformers. This is a piggyback contract with the City of Ocala beginning March 1, 2020 and goes through March 2, 2023 with the option to extend for one additional three year period. This contract provides set pricing for transformers based on the size required on an as needed basis. As new customer services are required and/or units fail the City will use Gresco to purchase new transformers. The pole mounts range from $637 to over $6,000 each. There is no dollar impact at this time however our Electric Utility Department wishes to have this contract in place for future needs.

  3. Resolution 2020-101, Andrews Technology Time and Attendance for BS&A. This software will streamline the payroll process for hourly and salary employees in Public Works, Police, Fire and Leisure Services Departments. The annual cost is $49,950 to host the system plus one time costs totaling $10,840.

  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes

  5. June 16, 2020 Regular City Council

  6. June 16, 2020 Northeast CRA Governing Board

We have five Resolutions for individual discussion and vote:

  1. Resolution 2020-79, Approval of Task Authorization Amendment #1 and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for Lincoln Ave Pool - Phase 1. Phase 1 includes pool resurfacing, installation of a chair lift and hand rails, replacement of the filtration and heating systems and repainting of the equipment room. The Guaranteed Maximum Price is $311,400. The project is estimated to take eight weeks from start to finish.

  2. Resolution 2020-83, Approval of Agreement with Tampa Crane & Body Acquisition, LLC for the purchase of a replacement crane for utility crane truck. The crane on our Heavy Crane truck is operationally problematic. The truck has just 72,000 miles and is running fine so at this time we will be replacing solely the crane on the truck. This crane is used to pull and clean the sewer lift station pumps. The cost for a new crane is $52,217

3. Resolution 2020-92, Dora Plaza (Commercial) Replat. City Council is asked to approve the replat of the property highlighted in this photo (on Hwy 441 across from Mellow Mushroom). Currently this property's use is Vacant Land. The proposed use is three commercial lots. This property is already zoned for Highway Commercial.

4. Resolution 2020-102, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing mechanism for the Florida Resiliency and Energy District. This Resolution allows residents to make energy efficient, water conservation and renewable energy upgrades to their home using a low interest, long-term funding structure that is billed on your tax bill. The details of the program are lengthy. If you need more information I'm happy to share the details with you via email. For one example, if you are in need of a new roof but maybe don't have $10,000 - $15,000 handy, this program allows you to pay your roof off by adding it to your tax bill over a certain term of years at a rate near 7-8%. Other potential projects would include new windows and doors, HVAC: Heating & Cooling, Solar Panels, Backup Generators, Lighting, Insulation, Water Heaters and Pool Pumps and Heaters. There is no cost to the City. This program applies to Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Retail/Office Space, Assisted Living/Senior Care Facilities, Industrial, Agricultural, Hospitality and Non-Profits/Churches.

5. Resolution 2020-103, Extending Special Code Advisory Committee. This Resolution will provide for the extension of the Special Code Advisory Committee. Now that the Committee has finalized the new Sign Code this Committee has proven to be a beneficial tool for the City and they wish to continue to operate to address certain codes within the City. The new Sign Code has not yet been presented to City Council.

We have one Ordinance:

  1. First Reading of Ordinance 2020-11, Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency Redevelopment Plan of 2020. This update to the Redevelopment Plan includes the boundary modification to add three parcels: the expansion of Bristol Lakes Apartments, the new Fire Station and the new Public Works Facility. The plan update also includes Disaster Assistance Programs.

Future Meetings:

  • July 21, 2020 - 5:30pm Regular Meeting

  • July 27, 2020 - 6pm Joint Session Northeast CRA and City Council at MLK Center

  • July 28, 2020 - 9am Budget Work Session, Community Building

  • July 28, 2020 - 5:15pm Special Session to Set Tentative Millage Rate

  • August 4, 2020 - 5:30pm Regular Meeting

  • August 18, 2020 - 5:30pm Regular Meeting

  • August 25, 2020 - 9am Budget Work Session

Thank you for staying up to date. Happy 4th of July. Please stay safe and continue to stay home when possible and wear your mask when you have to go out. It just makes sense. If I can help in any way at all please email or call anytime.

Crissy Stile

City Councilmember At-Large



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