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Upcoming Regular Meeting

One Presentation to begin the meeting: Request to Establish a Volunteer Business Solutions Advisory Committee

Resolution 2019-34, Piggyback Contract with Precise Pavement Markings - This Resolution allows the City to copy Volusia County's contract with this company for parking lot markings and installation of retro reflective roadway.

Resolution 2019-27, Approval of the 2019 Mount Dora Blueberry Festival

Resolution 2019-29, Approval of the 4th Annual Twilight 5K Run

Resolution 2019-24, Approval of City of Mount Dora Social Media Policy - the complete Social Media Policy presented for adoption is in the complete agenda packet found here (Scroll down to City Council Agendas). In a nutshell, the policy we're being asked to adopt states that no City employee, board member or elected official is permitted to post or engage in discussion on any social media platform that is maintained personally or by the City. It also states that live-streaming of City meetings is never a requirement and when live-streaming is in use, any type of commenting will be disabled.

Resolution 2019-23, Approval for Purchase of New Forklift

Resolution 2019-33, Execution of a Consent to Assignment of Utility Billing Service Agreement - In December 2018 the company we were under contract with to provide utility billing announced their intent to cease utility billing services and their assignment of all existing agreements to ENCO Utility Services Florida. This request is to approve assignment of services to ENCO.

Resolution 2019-22, Adoption of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Look for the meeting recap late on Tuesday evening. Hopefully the Resolution regarding Social Media doesn't mean I can no longer post these updates. It will be my first question at the discussion on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading. Crissy



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