• Crissy Stile

Upcoming Work Session

First I'll say I did not send out a recap of our special meeting with the Parks & Rec Board because honestly there was not much to report. It was agreed that overall the plan is acceptable as a Master Plan which Council agreed will be adopted at our meeting on March 19th. As we go through the budget process for next year's budget we will get into the "meat" of what needs to be done at each specific park. City staff will seek input from the public for the specific upgrades/changes to these specific parks as they become up for discussion so stay tuned for meeting times if you're interested in taking part in the Parks discussion.

Onto the upcoming Work Session:

1. Lakes of Mount Dora Access Roads - no supporting paperwork provided.

2. Establish Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Parameters - this discussion seems to be centered again around City money given to organizations that apply for Grant money. Some examples would be The Chamber of Commerce, Donnelly House, Merchants Association, etc. Council needs to discuss how we want to handle Grant money so staff can properly budget for next year.

3. Fire Assessment Fee / Annual Maintenance Discussion with GSG - no supporting paperwork provided.

Regular Meeting Agenda for Tuesday has not been provided yet so I will summarize for you as soon as we receive it. Thank you.




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