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Upcoming Work Session and Regular Meeting - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We begin with a Work Session at 3pm in the Lobby of the Community Building. The purpose of this work session is to finalize the discussion of Use of Public Property for Special Events.

The Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce will be invited to speak first. They will be followed by Merchants, Restaurants, Sponsorship Hosts and any Additional Stakeholders.

This will bring us right up to our Regular Meeting at 5:30pm in City Hall.

We begin with a Proclamation declaring Mount Dora a Purple Heart City.

The Consent Agenda includes two items:

Resolution 2019-69, Fiber Optic Upgrades and Approval of City Council Meeting Session Minutes:

CIP/Budget Work Session April 30, 2019

Regular Session May 7, 2019 with Addendum (corrected)

Charles Ave Field Trip Minutes, May 7, 2019

Regular Session May 21, 2019

Work Session June 4, 2019

Regular Session June 4, 2019

There are four Resolutions in front of Council:

1. Resolution 2019-72, Approve a Scope of Services from Fred Wilson & Associates for Power Supply Negotiations. The City’s Power Supply contract with Duke Energy expires December 31, 2020. This consultant will provide City Council with a report providing guidance and recommendations on our options for power supply companies and what type of rates and terms we should negotiate for once the process begins. This consultant will cost roughly $61,000-$65,000

2. Resolution 2019-74, City Support of Lake-Sumter MPO Study for the Wekiva Trail.

City Staff is recommending to Council that we present the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization basically handles anything to do with traffic, our Mayor is on the Board) with a request for our proposed Wekiva Trail route (map shown to the right) to be included in their Top 20 projects for consideration. The feasibility study for the Wekiva Trail will cost approximately $200,000. The City hopes to share that cost with Lake County.

3. Resolution 2019-76, Pertaining to the Reimposition of the Fire Services Special Assessment for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. This discussion will allow City Council to set a maximum Fire Assessment Fee for 2019-2020. This is not a vote to approve a dollar amount for next year’s Fire Assessment Fee, just to set a maximum. City Staff recommends $358. This is the same maximum they recommended last year, City Council at that time approved the $219 we all saw on our Property Tax Bill. Many of you have very strong feelings about the Fire Assessment Fee. I would encourage you to attend Tuesday’s meeting to be a part of the discussion before decisions are made. There will be a public hearing before the final vote is cast by your City Council. That meeting is scheduled for September 12, 2019.

4. Resolution 2019-88, Charter Review Committee Final Report. City Council will be presented with the final Charter Review Committee Report and vote to add these changes to the ballot. Any change to the City’s Charter must be voted on by the residents.

Finally, there is one Ordinance.

First Reading of Ordinance No. 2019-09, Annexation of City Property (Limit Avenue). The 8.15 acres purchased by the City on Limit Avenue will become home to our Public Works Facility as well as one of our new Fire Stations. This property is not within City Limits as it sits today. The City wishes to voluntarily annex that property into City Limits.

That’s all that’s on the menu for this meeting. Full recap coming back to you Tuesday evening.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday. If I can be of assistance with any questions or concerns most of you know where to find me or you can call or email anytime.



Crissy Stile

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