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Upcoming Work Session and Regular Meetings - May 7, 2019

Our Work Session begins at 1pm in the Community Building. First up is a Legislative Session Update from our Lobbyist. We then move onto a discussion regarding a Letter of Intent to purchase the property shown in the picture to the right. This is a potential location for one of the three fire stations to be built. Purchase price is $400,000 for 2.73 acres.

Next we will receive an update on the Cell Tower that AT&T plans to install in Mount Dora to improve service. We will then continue discussions regarding an Ordinance for Use of Public Property for Special Events. After that we will continue discussions of the 2019-2020 CIP Budget. Our Work Session concludes with a joint meeting off-site. City Council, CRA Advisory Committee and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will meet at Charles Ave and Tremain Street to discuss potential one-way traffic flow to add parallel parking spaces on Charles Avenue.

At 5:30pm we move into City Hall for our Regular City Council Meeting.

Resolution 2019-44, Gobie Block 28 Replat. The applicant (owner of the property at the SW corner of 10th Ave and McDonald St) wishes to replat his property to create a new lot for a single family residence.

Resolution 2019-50, Mid-Year Budget Amendments. City Council has to approve any increases/decreases in revenues or expenditures from the original budget.

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-07, Change in Zoning City of Mount Dora. This is a request to rezone the property at 3rd and Baker from Residential to Mixed Use so that the City can move forward with plans to make this area a parking lot.

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-10, Amending Chapter Two of the City of Mount Dora Code of Ordinances. The Parks and Recreation Board has determined that the amount of items they are tasked with discussing has become so great that they would like to meet monthly as opposed to bi-monthly. City Council is being asked to approve a change to Chapter Two allowing the Board to meet monthly.

First Reading of Ordinance 2019-11, Election Qualification Dates. Currently the City does not have set qualification dates for elections. This proposed ordinance will allow City Council to set consistent qualification dates for future City elections.

The Regular Meeting concludes with our City Manager and City Attorney providing their updates. We will then adjourn and immediately reconvene as the Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency Board.

There is just one item on the agenda for the NE CRA Board Meeting. Resolution 2019-42, Approval of the 2019 Juneteenth Festival Funding.

We will adjourn as the NE CRA Board and immediately reconvene as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board (Downtown CRA) to discuss one item.

Resolution 2019-48, Agreement with Redevelopment Management Associates (RMA), Inc., to complete the Redevelopment Plan Update and Extend the Sunset date. This Redevelopment Plan Update comes at a cost of $60,000

It is at this time our day of much discussion will conclude. Remember, if you have any questions or need for clarification on anything I post please just ask. There are no dumb questions. This is a lot of information and it's most important that you are armed with valid and complete facts. Please feel free to reach out anytime. I spend a lot of time trying to master this information so I'm happy to share it with you if you're interested.

Remember, if you're not signed up to receive these posts via email, you should be. Just send me a quick email to let me know you want to sign up and I'll add you to the list. You'll receive a notification before each meeting letting you know what's on the agenda and a follow up notification giving you a full recap of the meeting(s).

stilec@cityofmountdora.com or call or text 352.805.8174

Thanks for being involved. Crissy

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