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How & why am I running for council?

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

How? Why? That’s what people are asking

Since I announced I was running for the citywide City Council seat that Cathy Hoechst is vacating, there has been speculation as to how I have the time, and why I am running.

I’ll be the first to admit, before a few years ago, I was too busy. Several current and former Council members have encouraged me for a couple of years to run for City Council, as have so many of friends, customers and neighbors. I have a notebook I keep at the store of all the suggestions, comments, problems people tell me about when they stop in the bookstore to chat.

Last year I re-tooled my business changing the hours and days I’m open, and members of my family also help me in the store. So, now while I’m still busy – I have the extra time to devote to something I’m passionate about … Mount Dora. A little side note: there seem to be people around town who think only retired persons have time to be on Council. I certainly don’t think that’s what we want, and there are plenty of current and former “working" council members doing a good job for the community.

Here are a few things not everyone knows about me. I have lived in Mount Dora since 2005 — by far the longest time of any Council candidate. I started my downtown business (the bookstore on West 4th) in 2011. I have a BA in Accounting and an MBA in Business Administration, both from Stetson University. I’m not an engineer so you won’t find me in the weeds; the city has plenty of engineers. My background and education in Accounting and Business will help me oversee budgets, spending, and help make sure of what we’re getting for our money as taxpayers. Oversight - that’s the role of the city council.

I have been attending council meetings and reading the council agenda packets for years. I was honored when Councilwoman Laurie Tillett appointed me to the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board which is concerned with revitalization of both the downtown and the Highland Street areas.

Why would I want to get involved in politics? I’m not a politician, nor am I interested in going after the other guy. I am a listener. I value other people’s opinions and ideas. Ask my friends, ask my customers: I am a great advocate for not only people, but for the issues that concern us. I'm ready to lead. I know hundreds and hundreds of Mount Dorans; so, I have a head start over most.

If you want someone to work hard for you on city government, pick the person who works the hardest. That’s me: energy like the bunny, a bookworm who likes to read and study, an avid listener. I’m running for the only City Council seat up for election this fall - the citywide At Large seat.

Call me, write me, email me, text me, stop in to see me anytime. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

Crissy Stile

For Mount Dora’s At Large (citywide) City Council seat

Call or text 352.408.4693


1850 Hilltop Drive

Mount Dora, FL 32757

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