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Work Session & Regular Meeting Recap

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The majority of the work session was spent discussing the use of public property for Special Events. City Staff presented each of the City's events and we discussed whether the event should be a City sponsored event, a co-sponsored event, or the responsibility of a local organization (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, etc.).

For example, the New Year's Eve Celebration is currently sponsored by Pisces Rising. It is the recommendation of staff that this event become a City Event. Typically the City pays for the fireworks, the largest expense. Our ordinance regarding special events states that the applicant has to be a not for profit which means allowing Pisces Rising to be the applicant goes against our very own ordinance. We went through each of the 19 events the City hosts each year and began to work through which events should be City events and which events are better left to event planners, etc. Staff will continue to work through the events and these will be discussed as we go through the budget process.

The other portion of the discussion was to determine which events are actually programs and don't actually require the use of city property therefore are not technically events (i.e. Back to School Rally). In the end City Staff is going to look at each event and our City Attorney will work with our Special Code Advisory Committee to revisit our Ordinances regarding Special Events.

The second part of our work session was to address follow up questions regarding the Parks & Recreation Master Plan that was presented to Council. As it turns out the questions were not yet answered from our consultant (GAI) and we were instructed that a representative from GAI would attend the March 12th Work Session to answer any and all questions. After March 12th any additional time spent, on the part of GAI Consulting, on this plan will be billed at $415/hour since they have fulfilled their commitment to complete the Master Plan on time.

Our Regular Meeting was, I believe, the fastest meeting in the history of the world. Both Resolution 2018-154, to Purchase the Easement on 441 to relocate utilities, and Ordinance 2019-06, Disposal of City Utilities, were passed by a vote of 6-0 (Ms. Tillett was not present).

From there we moved to the Appeal of the Historic Preservation Board's decision to not allow the demolition of the historic structures located at 3rd & Baker St. Vince Sandersfeld gave a recap of what was presented to the Historic Preservation Board and Council was able to discuss. Five out of six Councilmembers in attendance believed that due to the disrepair of the structures there was no other option but to demolish those buildings and clear the land. I was the Councilmember that was opposed to the demolition. I try to summarize the meetings for you in these emails without regurgitating everything that was said, so I won't go into the details of my disagreement. The audio recording of the meeting will be posted on the City's website in the coming days.

The Mayor suggested that, to the extent possible, salvageable portions of the historic buildings should be used in the construction of the restroom facility that will be built on that property along with the parking spaces. Mr. Crail added that the City should be practical in its thinking when salvaging components for reuse.

Finally, in the City Manager's report it was announced that the City is close to launching a TV commercial that will showcase our beautiful city. Ms. Hayes also announced that 20 trees in the Park Forest section of the Country Club of Mount Dora will be removed. 14 of the 20 trees have been deemed diseased, the other 6 are causing a tremendous about of damage to curbing and sidewalks. The City will work with our tree specialists to replant trees in better locations throughout Park Forest.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out anytime. stilec@cityofmountdora.com or 352.805.8174


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